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2009.04.12, 03:27 AM
This is something I've noticed just now.
This user called "samnol" is spamming the whole forum with virus links, it already affected my computer let's not let it happen to anyone else.
I've checked out this dude's history and all his posts are virus links...
So for your own computer's sake, don't open "samnol"s links!

(Sorry for the dramatic attitude...) :(

2009.04.12, 06:16 AM
There is a good indication that it may be a spambot or something of that nature. At least a program that generates all that stuff, I think the human interaction would have been to set up the account to run that crap.

I second that, do not click on the links. They can install trojans or other viral programs on your system.

2009.04.12, 06:36 AM
I have removed them all now.

2009.04.12, 10:25 AM
Spam must be contageous this weekend :rolleyes:


There is another thread form the same user too.....

.....well more than one other thread :(