View Full Version : About 3racing ball diff

2009.04.12, 08:22 AM
Hi guys.
I know this is a noob question but I'm still too new to the MR-02...

Is the 3racing MR-02 MM ball differential compatible with the Atomic 98mm blue motor mount?

Thanks in advance.

2009.04.17, 03:04 AM
No one knows? :(

2009.04.17, 03:32 AM
It would seem like a really obvious answer, but...

yes... ;)

2009.04.17, 03:50 PM
As long as you are not talking about the LM mount, then it will work.

2009.04.17, 09:17 PM
Sorry about my ignorance on the subject but I don't see anybody using them where I live, so it wasn't so obvious for me... :(
Thanks, I'll get one for my 02. :)