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2009.04.12, 02:38 PM
Hey guys,
With the SMZR CC Nascar event coming in May, we might need some Kyosho/PN F1 tyres. I was thinking, does everyone want to make a club order, going our share on the postage?

Just look around Kenon's site and choose your tyres. I would recommend K20 R and K30 F for the F1.

If you want anything else, just let me know. :)

I'll put it all on my card and you can pay me back next meet. :)

Interested or not, please just let me know so I can get on with ordering ASAP, please.


2009.04.12, 08:21 PM
well the f1 tyres I got from Bri last meet we're amazing, that and the electrical tape i used instead of rear springs.

2009.04.13, 03:23 AM
Okay Sarah, that's cool. :cool:

2009.04.15, 08:31 AM
hi can you order MFW02 ,MFW05 ,MFW07 ,MR2090 and a set of tyres the same as you are ordering and i will sort you out with the dosh next meet if this is to much stuff let me know and i will slim it down cheers:)pm sent

2009.04.15, 04:35 PM
Really sorry Matt, we already sent the order. I asumed you had read it and not replied as it had over 80 views at the time. So sorry mate. :(

2009.04.16, 11:16 AM
been a busy week with the long weekend been working 16hr days no worrys i will sort something out :)