View Full Version : Why was I banned?

2009.04.12, 08:52 PM
This is user deloreanaka8.
I had to re-register because aparently I was banned for an unknown reason, it said I was spamming?!
If I remember correctly I never spammed, I was just warning people not to click on the other user's links cause they had virus...
You can acess my username and find all posts, you will not see a single spam post...
So I don't get it, where was I spamming?
Could someone please explain this?

2009.04.12, 09:10 PM
PM a moderator or admin. Also, people make mistakes you know.

2009.04.12, 09:32 PM
you may have been caught up in the mega spam. i'll fix it. :)

2009.04.12, 09:37 PM
try now....