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2009.04.12, 10:10 PM
I discussed some of this earlier with The Ringer, just throwing out a couple of concepts for club races.

First one I've been stewing on a while, is that of a sedan-style race. I don't think it's realistic to specifically require four door cars, but zero offset bodies that seated four in their non-plastic form might fit the bill. Examples of suitable bodies include the BMW M3, Chevy Caprice, Chrysler 300C, Nissan (R32) Skyline, Toyota Altezza, etc. No race bodies would be allowed.

Another possibility would be to get together a group buy on a less expensive (and readily available) body to run a race or even a short series. We have done something similar in the past with the 360GTC (we might have run a season with that body, can't remember now), and the endurance bodies. This would really only work well with a white body that we'd all care to pick up and race...perhaps the new McLaren GTR or Nissan GTR would be good candidates.

Another concept discussed included a twist on cops 'n robbers. Unlike previous iterations of this theme, I'd envision this being an actual race. We would be split into two teams (cops 'n robbers, natch), and the racing would be anything but clean. The winning team would be selected by the lap totals between the teams. We might also wish to remove track marshaling for this race, leaving a disabled car to sit until it can either right itself (overland?) or have a teammate help out.

I'd also be interested in participating in a (local/smaller) enduro that is more true to the idea of a le mans race. The racing could be done in teams, possibly with each running two chassis, and the only place a team could work on their car would be in pit row. Anyone touching a chassis outside of pit row would earn a penalty of some sort (e.g. the car must sit in the pit lane for one minute once touched, no matter the reason, and time spent working on it would not count). Not sure this idea is unique enough to inspire a race, but it's something I was thinking about as I wrote out the others.

If anyone has ideas on how to improve/extend these concepts, or other ones to add to the pot (such as Arch2b's trailer race, which we should definitely move forward with), go ahead and post. Hopefully we can get a couple of interesting races lined up from some posts in this thread.

2009.04.14, 07:52 PM
Yeah I like the sedan race idea.

2009.04.14, 07:57 PM
i like all the ideas.

i'm ready for the sedan race.

i also like the white body series idea.

when are we going to run the campers?

2009.04.14, 08:15 PM
Yes of coarse we are. When would everyone like 2 run this race?

2009.04.15, 08:35 PM
So when I was suggesting similar ideas, no one seemed to care much. Either way, I vote for narrow body race.

Instead of cops and robbers, why not a takedown race? Win the race and PIT and nudge others to make sure they don't. All of us can drive well, so I don't see anyone complaining about damage.

Another possibly good one I have for cops and robbers is to add velco to front and rear of each car such that cops will have to catch the robbers, then drive them to a station. We can have track with several wall opening to simulate streets and have the lap counting line @ the station. Robbers would have tags, so each time they are brought over they get a lap and thus a point to the cop team. If you get caught such that your car cant break loose- you stop driving until you are brought to the station or if another robber knocks you free.

Drift race. Cmon already! Also my cops and robbers with drift cars will be the ideal event- little damage and once a car is caught, there's no way it would escape on its own.

2009.04.15, 11:28 PM
one car race...
kinda remember when i was in japan, they had a 350z race... which they let me participate in... fumio san lent me his car, which wasn't actually a 350z... had fun none the less...

after the race, most of the guys brought out their coopers... for an impromptu cooper class race...

it was fun just seeing them go around the track...

2009.04.16, 11:59 AM
Well, 1 make race, right? Sounds decent given everyone has any 1 particular body to bash.

I thought about a trade cars race, but given that everyone has a different type of TX this may screw up some settings or make this kinda event pointless.

2009.04.16, 12:52 PM
We have sedan class but not all are sedan (4 doors). We also combined our 90-94mm hatchback only cars. During Friday night races we get minimum of 9 cars.

-2wd or AWD
-4 door sedan (non-race body)
-90mm-94mm hatchback (rx7, pt cruizer, vitz, fit, bug, golf, renault, etc...)
-102-106mm van body
-must have stock windows
-must use spoke wheels