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2009.04.12, 11:23 PM
NYRC presents the inaugural Trophy event on its Grand Opening Day on 4/18/09. Refreshment/beverages will be served. Race starts at 4pm; door opens at noon.

Trophies awarded to 1st; 2nd and 3rd in A-mains; and to the winner in B-mains and below. Bump-up is allowed.

Registration opens now until 4/18/09. Pay on race day.

$15 one class/$5 additional. Free practice is included with race fee.

Classes are:

2WD SPEC (Atomic USA Motor)
2WD Sedan Open
2WD/AWD PanCar and LeMans Open

See website for details/rules.


2009.04.19, 06:02 PM
Excellent race! NYRC is well on their way with a kickoff like that! Gasman got the biggest 3rd place trophy I've ever seen at any race, and poor EMU has to find more shelf space those two big 1st placers he drug out of there last night!

Always amazing to watch the NYC crew race the way they do. New #1 Grabowski (sorry Roland! :D) was incredible! I feel like I learn tons just by watching the guy go around the track in practice... so smooth and evenly paced, I hope he gets to encounter a World Cup race someday soon! The racing was way close... I think the B main was separated by seconds between racers in position qualifying.

Huge thanks to Atomic for all the prizes! Everyone went home with something, for entry fees like that... not too shabby! And monstrously humongous thanks for the food guys!... best damn asian cuisine I've had in a long time! My stomach never forgets... so I'm sure I'll be stopping up as much as possible! What a team! Bennett, Willy and Sai... you guys already bring so much to the region and now it's just going to be that much bigger now that you have your own shop! Totally jealous once again of all you NYC guys living in such a MiniZ Mecca!

The track is too cool... up in that penthouse suite, I couldn't get over the views. I could stare out at that city for quite a while... watching jets climb out of Laguardia with Manhattan twinkling beyond, the glowing bridges surrounding the place. Most beautiful views of any track I have ever been to!

The racing was intense, but I have a selective memory so I'm not the best to give race reports... I'll wait for EMU to roll his out first.

Here's the views I was talking about, seems like one of the hightest points in Queens and a really nice neighborhood too. Sorry for the quality but they are from Gasman's do-everything I-phone (hey.. it's a flashlight too :rolleyes:)

2009.04.19, 08:05 PM

Hope the traffic was smooth on the way home. The "authentic" restaurants are opened until 3am in the area. Next time bring some food back for your family. I'll give you some pointers in terms of avoiding traffic in email.

As a clarification; everything was provided by Willy and Bennett. I am there to help out which makes me look like I'm one of the owners. I do want to live next door at the loft space if permitted.

2009.04.19, 08:19 PM
Hold on, I went to a race last night? And I won :eek:

Ahh, the afterparty celebration must have made me forget :p I got home around 8:30a. . . Then had to go to work at noon...

I will be able to write more about the race when it comes back into memory.

I would like to thank NYRC, Atomic, and everyone that showed up. It was a great event, I definitely learned a thing or two. Most important, I had a lot of fun and had some very competetive racing. Ed, GasMan, it was great that you guys made it down. For me, it was either this race, or the RCX PN race which was held on the same day, accross the country. I had planned on getting a rematch against Joe Chen in F1... but the first NYRC trophy race is very important.

I look forward to the next big race...

Sai, thank you for running my MR015 tower bar conversion on your spec car. It drove very well, although I really wanted the win, so as much as I wanted my product to win... You had to remain "second place Sai" :p

2009.04.19, 10:52 PM
Was Gasman driving AD Band yesterday? I wonder if AD glitches at NYRC.

2009.04.20, 01:52 AM
No, he was running AM... I was getting hit once in a while too but no big deal, just another reason to upgrade to 2.4 again.

Yes EMU... you were racing last night, and racing well!

I think the traffic impedance there was an anomaly, 5 lanes into one to resurface some small areas of the road before the GWB. (I don't know why they don't do that stuff at night) The ride home was uneventful other than an amazing performance by some motorcyclists on 95 who saw cars as needles to thread at high speeds, very impressive.

Are the results going to be posted up here or on the NYRC site?

2009.04.20, 05:49 AM
Are the results going to be posted up here or on the NYRC site?

Speaking of results, EMU didn't have a transponder in his SPEC car. It will show Sai Tam as the winner. We may have to disqualify EMU for this reason and let Sai Tam be the winner.:D

The results should be posted after Wed.

2009.04.20, 12:40 PM
Speaking of results, EMU didn't have a transponder in his SPEC car. It will show Sai Tam as the winner. We may have to disqualify EMU for this reason and let Sai Tam be the winner.:D

The results should be posted after Wed.

If I am disqualified, let me know... so I can make arrangements for Sai to get the trophy.

The one time I forget to move my transponder from one car to the other :rolleyes: I wish we cought that at check in for the main...

2009.04.20, 12:50 PM
The one time when EMU had no transponder and he took a big win. Ironic isn't it?

Should NYRC set up a rule regarding situation like this? Or just let the racers in the particular race decide?

2009.04.20, 04:20 PM
It is the drivers responsibility to install the transponder. If they forget (which was my case), that is not the fault of NYRC, and the win should go to the person that remembered to install the transponder.

If the transponder is installed, but there is an error with counting, a manual count should be done for that driver, and laps adjusted to position they finished.

If this is to start out properly, we should make an example with this race. I am officially stepping down from the win, and I will give my trophy to Sai when he gets a chance to pick it up.

My reasoning is this, sometimes its not so easy to see where you finished the race... it could be a close battle, where its not easy to tell what position the cars finished in. If you start with the rule, then you will stop any issues in the long run. No card = DQ. It is better to be fair about this, for all drivers at the track.

2009.04.20, 05:17 PM
Darn it Eugene, it would've been a GSR sweep of the race. :p Though to be fair, I'm with you, if the driver forgets the transponder it shouldn't be an official win. (It's also less weight, you could argue this as an unfair advantage.)

Looking forward to the writeup, pictures and videos nonetheless. :)

2009.04.20, 06:01 PM
Sorry to let you down Brian :( I knew I should have used more than one transponder for running 3 classes... I just wanted to make it easier for the race director.

2009.04.20, 10:29 PM
We all saw you win it... how many who were there think he should step down?

I'll bet nearly everyone there knows it was your race!

2009.04.20, 11:07 PM

First congrats on your 1st place fins!:D

Could you post your winning cars' setups for us, please, when you have time ? That would be excellent :D

Maybe Sai could post his setup(s) too?;)

Thanks guys!

2009.04.21, 02:03 AM
Thanks. It was not an easy feat :p its a tough crowd.

Atomic Race USA motor class (spec motor):
Ferrari 430GTC 94mm
Atomic 8d radial tires rear / Kyosho P968 rear wheel (.7mm offset)
Atomic AW40 tires front / Atomic 0N front wheel
Atomic Ball diff/Reflex ceramic balls/PN 64p 12/52
PN LCG 94mm mount
PN ML DDS (fiberglass) green top spring / red bottom spring / Davey G DDS grease
PN 2d knuckles / PN white spring / ATM delrin 3.5mm travel limiter .5mm preload spacer
3Racing top oil shock (stock spring)
Kyosho medium carbon t-plate / PN dual screw t-plate adapter
.5d caster tower bar set
Reflex bearings (kick a$$)
Atomic wheelnuts
I am going to change out all of the parts to Atomic and Kyosho parts on this car to prepare for the Atomic race series...

Pan Car Open:
Atomic VDS (original)
PN 33t PNWC 2008 Pan Car handout motor
Atomic vII Ball differential / Reflex ceramic balls / PN 64p 10/52
Atomic wheelnuts
Atomic Slick R 30d front tire / Atomic 0mm wheel / FPR bearing spacer
Reflex Racing SSG rear tire / Atomic TS 3mm wheel
Reflex Racing Wide Track Front
Reflex Racing Bearings
PN 1.5d knuckles / Green front spring / 4mm limiter / 1mm preload
Kyosho hard carbon t-plate
PN 98mm FMV3 Motormount
PN 98mm DDS (original fiberglass that PN made)/ red top and bottom spring
Stock Kyosho top shock / yellow spring

The tires on both cars had at least one race day on them, and still held up well. Tread is worn off almost completely on both sets, but I think I can salvage at least one more race day on them before I go to new tires. I kind of like running worn in tires...

2009.04.21, 10:31 AM

Thank you for the detailed setup info for your winning cars at this race. Your response was extra-quick too! Thank you++ :D

About the front suspension: When you said you used a "3,5mm travel limiter", are you referring to the front "cups"? Just want to make sure.

And when you say "0.5mm preload spacer", is this a spring pre-load spacer, or a droop-spacer that you put underneath the knuckle?

One last thing - What batteries did you run?

I have been experimenting with all of my various brands of AAA cells and my findings are purrty interesting. I don't want to hijack this thread and dump a bunch of info on here. I will be posting my findings in the "Battery" forum later.

Again congrats on the wins EMU:D

One more tiny-little thing:) - What do the trophies look like?:D

2009.04.21, 12:18 PM
Trophy race pics (http://nyrcsuperraceway.net/tinc?key=porKkjHc&preview=1)

Track pics:


*Old layout shown

2009.04.21, 01:33 PM
Very nice! I want to go to NY and visits the shops there but I'm saving up for PN Worlds in Spain...

Never seen so much atomic parts on the wall... no wonder Eugene is all over Atomic products... :D there's not a single PN on that wall. :P Is this shop another atomic distributor here in US? That would be sick if it is.

2009.04.21, 02:13 PM
NYRC does sell used PN parts at DIRT CHEAP prices

2009.04.21, 03:38 PM
Eugene, if you didnt get or see my PM, congrats to you. You deserve it. Ed, Dave, Davey G. filled me in.


2009.04.21, 04:15 PM
Thanks Larry... It was a blast. Wish you were there.

Felix, I ran an assortment of batteries through the day.
Practice cells: Orion 900, MuchMore 900, Orion 1100
1st & 2nd qualifiers: R1Wurks 990
2nd qualifier & mains: TRP 900
The TRP 900 have a little more speed, but less punch than the R1s. It really isnt very noticable. I can barely feel the difference between my practice cells and the main cells... All are grouped together by capacity, need to do some more tweaking and sub group them by discharge voltage. Each pack is run a maximum of 2x.

Travel limiters are the cups on the kingpins, preload spacers are for spring preload, otherwise they would be downstop spacers...

TJ, it would be great for you to race in NY. You will find the racing to be very competetive and a lot of fun. Especailly with 3 completely different style of tracks in the area. I have to start saving for Spain as well... it should be a lot of fun.

Davey G
2009.04.21, 04:18 PM
Boy this EMU guy wins 1 race and now he gets all the attention. :D


2009.04.21, 04:24 PM
HAHA... Thanks Dave. When are you going to release your DDS grease? I want to get some, it works GREAT!

Davey G
2009.04.21, 04:36 PM
HAHA... Thanks Dave. When are you going to release your DDS grease? I want to get some, it works GREAT!

Working on the containers as we speak, as well as a few other products.

2009.04.22, 12:06 AM
Yes, they had request to sell my parts, but I rejected, because I think no one will sell their parts to Competitors Representative and easy and fast to copy.

According to PHILIP NG of PN, I guess there is no other way to copy PN product other than getting it through NYRC.

The people who race locally know that NYRC is just a local mini-z club who sells some parts/kits/soda to cover the costs of renting a big space; all the owners have full-time jobs themselves. There is no distribution/development or manufacturing of any Mini-z products over here. We just race to be competitive and have fun. Atomic R/C company does not have ownership in NYRC.

PN can choose not to do business with anybody but please do not make up reasons yourself. Nobody at NYRC wants to copy PN products. Some products such as springs/tires/wheels/dampers will always look the same; is PN the only manufacturer who invented these parts? Maybe PN should apply for patents on all their parts; or just sell to his trusted friends only.

Our customers are asking for PN parts, NYRC has referred the customers to order PN products from the PN site. I guess PN reserves the right not to sell to my customers as well. NYRC is a high volume mini-z track and reatiler in the region. Nobody gains because NYRC does not carry PN parts. Philip Ng on the other hand had indirectly pushed the racers to try non-PN products. Smart move.

2009.04.22, 11:26 AM
All should be one big happy family in my opinion... Each manufacturer has one thing that works better than the other's. Of course... that depends on which track you run and the specific setup of certain cars. A simple example, Atomic front tires were the only thing working for me last time at Action but I found my PN fronts worked better up at NYRC, couldn't get anything else to work there Saturday.

IMO... availability sells more parts than anything else, the more available a manufacturer makes their product to their customers... the more sales they will make, and that's the bottom line. I know I was looking for some specific PN parts when I was up there. I have been buying from the shops I go to because I'd like them to stay in business and every little bit helps!

I always lean towards PN just because I prefer the great service and the quality, but I do run a small portion of Atomic gear as well just because some of their parts work on some specific cars. Either way, good to have the best of both worlds in my book!

2009.04.22, 04:09 PM
A simple example, Atomic front tires were the only thing working for me last time at Action but I found my PN fronts worked better up at NYRC, couldn't get anything else to work there Saturday.

Ed, try using PN tires on Atomic wheels at NYRC; and vice versa at Action. This may solve the tire mystery.:D

Our racers also have good results putting PN gears on Atomic diffs. Diffs are smoother and the cars run quieter than ever. The PN gears are perfect fit on the Atomic Diffs.

The fastest lap at NYRC is set by using PN 8 front and Atomic 8 rear tire combo; with Atomic PanCar body full of PN stickers on the inside; driven by Atomic sponsored driver wearing a PN shirt. NYRC is experimenting different hybrid parts to enhance the driving pleasure. We may eventually label our specialty parts as PAN-Tom-Mic, 3PNRacing, or Kyo-PN. NYRC does not copy products but mix them rather.

2009.04.22, 04:25 PM
We may eventually label our specialty parts as PAN-Tom-Mic, 3PNRacing, or Kyo-PN. NYRC does not copy products but mix them rather.

nice! My favorite, PaN-Tom-Mic. :D

2009.04.22, 06:31 PM
EMU was winning with a RE-PA-FLEX-TO-NIC diff!

Quote: Atomic Ball diff/Reflex ceramic balls/PN 64p 12/52

2009.04.23, 01:16 PM

Yeah, that's actually where my setup ended up for tires. PN fronts, Atomic rears and all on Atomic rims.

No sponsors here... just a free agent.
Guess I could advertise that, I'll edit my sig.

I'm sure they'll all come running to hook me up! :rolleyes:

2009.04.23, 01:21 PM
Ha... all done! (see below)

Davey G
2009.04.23, 04:09 PM
Did anyone else bring a camera to this event? The one time I dont bring my own camera to a trophy race...UGH!

2009.04.25, 09:01 AM
Trophy race results:

Davey G
2009.04.25, 04:47 PM
DREWCAT: Get my PM??