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2009.04.14, 04:59 PM
These are two of my Xmods, with somewhat of a mini-z twist in them. Here are some links to their project thread. The Mercedes won 3rd in a Custom of the Month comp, and I'm going for first with the car with the PN Racing rear pod.

Bare chassis with just batteries/motor:

Quoted from Xmodsource, this car isn't done yet.

real thread:http://xmodsource.com/forum/showthread.php?t=15850
Okay many of you have seen this car before, and I'm having one last shot at COTM. I'm not really going to stick with this hobby for many reasons, some of you may know.

If I do leave, I'm leaving with a bang.

It is a Mini-Z, Micro-T, Generation 1 Mix.

Here is the specs:
Generation 1 Carbon Fiber chassis, that I made myself
Micro-T Board
PN racing Mini-z Rear Pod
2S Lithium Ion Square Kit (Made myself)
Carbon Fiber upper deck
Ceramic Bearings
Disk Damper system (mounted myself)
New painted rims
Upgraded differential
Soon to be Toyota Supra body

It has a 115 mm wheelbase which poses a problem.

Some pictures:





good outdoor pics soon

a steering vid:
http://i261.photobucket.com/albums/ii44/jhoplax1695/th_101_0492.jpg (http://s261.photobucket.com/albums/ii44/jhoplax1695/?action=view&current=101_0492.flv)

my only plans for this car is to really get a vid of it in action, and get that body mounted.

Picture of the body:


2009.04.14, 05:03 PM
This is the car that won third, yes it has a Mini-Z body.
Okay guys, this looks like the final update, and I want to put this is COTM December.

Rear Ceramic Bearings
Front Delrin Bearings
New Rims
New Tire: Tire Style B 15 degree Atomicmods
Fine Tuned all of it
Looking to beat my MR-02
Aluminum Tie-Rod Protector

XMDrifter, I made it a lot more rear bias, and have been practicing just the set-up in my basement.

The throttle control is excellent, and I will post a video of the servo accuracy.

Maybe some last ideas/questions:
Would a mini-z servo motor be better than the xmod stock one?
Will the Mini-Z servo motor mesh correctly with xmods gears?

And I may put an HS-55 in there too, to make it totally accurate. Plus HS-55 is the same color scheme as my chassis, so it'll perform and look better too.

My COTM pictures before I enter them. I may use these pictures, or take some in the natural lighting. In person it looks like it is a real Mercedes pace car.

Some of the tires pointing in the wrong direction :lol: Probably going to fix that right now.

Enjoy the update ;)

The (Maybe) Final Pictures:




Pic with slightly raised front, I am testing out how it affects suspension. ^





I was going to paint all of the rear cradle black, but I realized the little green here and there, was really nice looking, so I didn't. The good thing is there is no little paint blotches on the green, so it looks factory 2 tone.

The windshield wipers hot glue that prevents it from flailing around came undone so I have to fix that, and the GPM Dampers havent came yet. I am probably going to sand the dampers, paint em silver, and then put a little grease on them.

If the weather isn't freezing, I may get some outdoor pics, but don't count on it, these pictures came out good.

Thanks everyone for following the project!!
What I thought was going to be a touch up, became a project in itself.
I have achieved my goal for the most part, and want to thank all XMS members for looking. Thanks guys.

2009.04.26, 05:06 PM
I said it many times on XMS, your stuff won't get recognized until they start doing chassis competitions vs looks. I don't see a point in abandoning performance work just to enhance the looks(though hell, there isnt' much performance in xmods without a 100+ $ overhaul), so just keep at it and don't worry about silly visual competitions too much.

2009.04.28, 07:34 AM
Some very nice work there.
Merc looks great.