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2009.04.15, 06:08 PM
Hi Everyone,

Does anyone out there regularlry use ICS to change the steering and throttle characteristics on their cars? Is it worth the cost of the cable?

2009.04.15, 06:32 PM
I personally feel that it was worth getting for me. I have at least 8 ASF cars, and really dont like Virtual Inertia. So for me it was worth getting just to disable that function. After that, there are small tweaks that I havent really played with yet... Nothing else is as important TO ME as disabling the Virtual Inertia.

2009.04.15, 07:16 PM
Is the "virtual inertia" the throttle frequency setting?

2009.04.15, 07:46 PM
No. Here is a list of all the settings.
I copied this straight from the kyosho manual. I could not upload the pdf file, since it exceeded the alloted file size. I was able to upload a picture of the set up window of the Miniz ASF Manager V1.0.

Have fun :D

Changes the characteristics of the steering servo.
Adjust settings left to right on the screen from Min,
Med, Strong. This setting controls the strength the
servo uses to retain its current position in
response to external force.

・SPEED (Servo Speed)
Adjusts the speed at when the servo responds to
transmitter signals. Adjust settings left to right on the
screen from Slow, 2, 3, 4, Fast to set the servo
response speed.

・PNCH (Punch)
Sets the servo’ s initial response speed. Settings
from 1 (low) to 10 (High) are available. Lower
settings are similar to analog servo movement. If
steering control is too sharp and makes control
difficult, try a lower setting.

・D.BAND (Dead Band)
This sets the width that initiates servo response to
external force. Narrow, Mid and Wide settings are
available. Adjust from right to left on the screen to reduce
the width of the dead band and thereby increase the
sensitivity of the servo's movement to external force.

・DUMP (Dumping)
This sets the characteristics of the servo when it is
stopped. Smooth setting brakes the servo to stop
just before the target position, while Over setting
brakes the servo on the target position so it goes
slightly past and then returns.

・D.FREQ (Motor Drive Frequency)
Sets the motor drive frequency on the throttle to
5kHz, 2.5kHz or1.2kHz. Changes the frequency of
the entire throttle input side. Generally speaking,
lower frequency settings produce higher torque
and lower energy efficiency.

・NUTRAL (Neutral)
Adjust the width of the neutral area for the throttle
trigger. Narrow, Mid and Wide settings available.
Settings to the left side of the screen are for
narrower neutral width settings.

・V.INERTIA (Virtual Inertia Control Change Ratio)
Adjusts the distance the model travels after the
throttle has been released. Five stage settings
from Strong, 2, 3, 4, and OFF are available.
Inertia settings increase from right to left with
OFF setting removing any control for maximum
inertia. Small RC models can stop quickly when
the throttle is released so this feature enables
you to find a more natural feeling. This is called
Virtual Inertia Control.

Specifies the USB port number used by the
software on the computer. If switched OFF or the
specified port number is incorrect, connection with
the model is not possible. Check the connection
port by referring to ‘Checking COM Port’ .

2009.04.15, 08:06 PM
yes and yes

i use it. virtual inertia is the most important, i set my mr02 to off and the awd has some inertia on it. The frequency for the motor is useful too, it can smooth your car out. If think if you have it, you will use it and won't regret buying it. I dont use it all the time but when a need to change something, its very important. Like right now the full brake isn't what i want, it was fine for my car setup before, but things have changed and i am going to put some inertia back on so it rolls a little more. It's essential for me to do the racing i do, would not like being without it. It's as important as the settings you do with the controller

2009.04.15, 09:15 PM
I agree with all. Its worth getting, like the rest, i change the vinertia and nuetral setting. If you dont have anything yet, get the ics multi setting adapter/card. Its MUCH easier than hooking up to computer all the time. Well worth it.;)

2009.04.15, 10:22 PM
its a must for me i change the drive freq most of the time depending on the motor.

2009.04.15, 10:47 PM
can somebody post the stock values for the settings?
thanks in advance :D

2009.04.16, 12:37 AM
click the reset button in the program :-)

2009.04.16, 10:56 AM
Wow! Great info. Thanks to everyone. My version of the ICS code didn't include V Inertia setting.

2009.04.16, 11:40 AM
can somebody post the stock values for the settings?
thanks in advance :D

2009.04.16, 03:03 PM
Can someone post a link to the 1.04 ICS software? I have 1.1E which does not have the V.inertia or Nutral settings.

2009.04.16, 03:16 PM

this is the 1.02 that I use.

2009.04.16, 11:07 PM
thanks emu...

2009.04.24, 09:35 PM
Anybody familiar with the KO Propo ICS Multi Setting Adapter & Mini-Z 2.4GHz Setting Card Set [Parts # 61020]. I plan on buying this set assuming that this is ALL I NEED to tweak my 2.4 ASF Mini-Z. A couple of questions:

Does this kit come with everything I need including all the necessary cables, hardware and software?

I do not want to lug a laptop around so is this all I need to bring to the track?

2009.04.24, 10:48 PM
All you need is batteries for the adapter and thats it. It works great. The card plugs in adapter and you have cord to go from that into your chassis.

2009.04.25, 09:02 AM
that box is geat. its also cheaper than the kyosho set and more convenient.

2009.04.29, 08:37 PM
I posted this in another forum somewhere-but I forget where....

Using the KT-18 transmitter, if you pull and hold throttle trigger just slightly, about 4mm in that dead zone before the car starts moving, then adjust the trim 8-10 steps down, you will see that your car has basically zero v Inertia next time you release the throttle, my car can slow to a stop from full speed in about 2feet when I adjust like this. In the oppsite manner, by trimming up 8-10 steps, my car has huge V. Inertia requiring 4-5 feet before slowing to a stop. This to me seems the same thing as what the ICS cable does except that Im saving $90.00 and no , my reverse delay etc. is not affected to any noticeable extent.

Try It!!!

2009.04.29, 09:02 PM
That may be something that ONLY works with the KT-18... I set my trim to have the easiest reverse, and adjust roll with the V-inertia setting.

I use Helios.

Another member that I race with tried the M11 with adapter/module. He said that the car had way too much roll. I dialed it out with the ICS adapter, and it was still too much. He went back to the KT-18 and won the race :eek:

2009.04.29, 09:58 PM
Dont forget, Eugene, were talking about Dave. Hes very used to the KT-18 and he can probably dive with anything.:confused::D I would think his M-11 would be different than our helios?

2010.02.24, 10:06 AM
A quick question about the:
#61020 ICS Multi Setting Adapter & Mini-Z 2.4GHz Setting Card Set

Are there firmware upgrades for it?

What options does it allow you to change?
I guess I'm just wanting to find out if getting this for convenience is better, or the Cable that hooks up to your PC.

I have a netbook, so I really don;t mind carrying it around.

If the CPU version is still being upgraded from time to time, does this set too?