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2009.04.16, 10:53 AM

fruit of a "private joke-passion trip", they give you the maximum grip!
team-tires for large public!
12mm tires, made in Dordogne (France), land of truffles and castels, in a "strange grey french foam"...
4th & 6th at the "coupe de France mini-z" by Vialle brothers themselves (2nd place missed by accident, grrrr!)
for CARPET but very good on RCP tracks!
ideal when additives are forbidden.
somes says that they've too much grip on "tapisson" (special carpet used in France for mini-Z).
i've seen an overland wheeling with this foam. great traction for sure!

they're very very soft. so you must have the good technic to fix it on rims.
only sold in Spain and France for this moment (but it's possible to (negociate) make orders and have specials export prices by sam z modelisme...)

sorry for the mistakes, "french guy online"...