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2009.04.16, 11:12 AM
i got a f1 atomic motor mount and want to change the screws to titanium hex drive but the 2 screws that mount it to the suspension plates are not the normal 2mm thread and are smaller than 3mm does anyone know what thread they are or have a part number so i can get some :confused:

2009.04.16, 11:29 AM
Normal 2mm machine screws are what I use... Do not use the coarse thread that is meant for screwing into plastic.

2009.04.16, 01:44 PM
the side plate screws should come with the mount,2mm machine thread screws.
i think kennon has them in titanium hex's

2009.04.18, 12:07 AM
I picked up a complete set of titanium screws for my MR-02 from Reflex and it included machine threaded screws for my PN MR-02 MM motor mount. Contact Reflex and see if they can help get what you need.