View Full Version : Motor running at full speed when car is powered on

2009.04.16, 02:05 PM
I have recently bought an RM-02 with upgraded FETs. All in the car is new except for the electronics which has been taken from another car. Every time I switch on the car the motor will run at full speed until I give a little throttle on the transmitter or turn off the car. If I to the latter and then immediately turn on the car a second time then everything is normal. It seems I get this behaviour if the car has been left switched off for awhile, say at least 15 min. I've been told this can happen to cars with upgraded FETs but I've not seen any other car doing this. How common is it? Can I do something to get rid of it because it's quite annoying. Will the car/motor take any damage of this behaviour? And finally, can anyone explain why it is happening? :confused:

2009.04.16, 04:07 PM
Very common on a fetad am board.

2009.04.16, 07:08 PM
I cant asnwer why it happens, but I think its pretty common. I think I had 2 or 3 AM boards that did it. None of them ever suffured any damage because of it, and I ran them for a long time.

2009.04.17, 03:18 AM
My MR-02 does the exact same thing but it doesn't have FET's installed.
Another thing I noticed was the servo's motor glitching constantly.
Can't understand why it does these things.

2009.04.17, 05:05 AM
the servo glitvhing could be explained with the neutral band being set to narrow with the ICS tool. I noticed the same thing when doing so last week.
Dont know about the full throttle thing.

2009.04.18, 12:03 AM
The only time that has happened to me was when I had the wrong crystal in the transmitter.