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2009.04.18, 08:54 PM
Since I started in this great forum, I have noticed some guys promote Brands & Shops under their names. First, I thought they were team drivers or sponsored drivers. Then that they were getting pay for the promotion. Suddenly most guys are adding this, even new members.
Is this a fashion thing you do for free, or do some $ is involve, other than been a team drivers or sponsored drivers:confused::confused:
Thx for clearing this to me. I am just curious about it.

2009.04.18, 09:06 PM
not sure either. i don't promote brands or shops in my signatures on other sites despite my friendships, etc. with others and shops. just not something i'm interested in doing. i do have links to the forums i am part of here in our community on some sites, but mostly it's my personal stuff. i do have the shop link here in my signature... oddly enough you always find posts about someone asking how to get to the shop. btw, if you do find a shop link in my signature on other sites, please tell me. i do copy/paste most of the time and i do not intentionally include that info.

i do know some here that are directly involved with said promotions and can understand the desire to get a bit of free advertising, etc. out of it and in many cases, it's actually very useful for providing quick link access to thier sites. take brian for example (sorry brian), i use his links to hfay all the time and i'm greatful he has them in his signature.

others just like tossing out thier affiliations, etc. a way to toss them a bone if you will.

2009.04.19, 01:48 AM
It gives you extra cool points if you're not sponsored by making you look sponsored! ;) And if you are sponsored, well... you're cool enough already, lol...

To me, it's pretty much the same as putting different companies' stickers on your car. You can put Reflex Racing stickers on your car and advertise for them for free, even if you're not a Reflex driver, so why not put it in your sig as well? I don't think any of the Reflex crew would mind, unless you're making trouble on the forums. I certainly appreciate my team members displaying GSR signatures, and am very proud that they do. :)

2009.04.19, 10:05 AM
as awlays, i suggest people check with the respective forums before including links to other forums, etc. i'm not sure how big of an issue it is anymore but years ago, i got myself banned from some sites for including forum links in my signature on other sites. some sites have very strict policies (written or unwritten). i've seen conversations as on gsr where campaigns to spread the name brand as it were could end up causing some grief for you. the last thing i'm sure any site owner wants is an internet fued. we've seen these before and its never good for either party. i'm not against ad/support campaigns, i just urge caution and respectful approach vs. gorrilla style campaigning.

2009.04.19, 10:52 AM
Well, free advertising is very exceptional; I guess this forum, as any other would kill to make an extra buck from someone paying to be able to place an ad in his or her page. Just imagine how many $ would be collected from all members placing ads under their names. I am not saying this forum “should do so” It is great to be able to promote for free, certainly very rare, especially from competition:confused::rolleyes:.

2009.04.19, 10:58 AM
I have the names in my signature as symbols of gratitude. I believe reflex deserves a little free advertisement, as Cristian has always gone over and above to make sure me, my father, and our racing group has everything we need to run competetively against each other, as well as when we travel.

For the longest, TinyRC always had the biggest selection and iventory, as well as David providing fantastic service, and a great forum for us to interact on. If it wasnt for MZR, the Z racing comuunitiy wouldnt be what it is today! If it wasnt for Tiny, there would be no MZR, so I do my little part to show I support the operation!

I also rep GSR to show my support for Brian and what he does. I have the utmost respect for him, and what he has done for the Z scene. It is spectacular to see what he has done at his age, and I can only expect to see him bring more greatness as the years go by.

I am not sponsered by any of these guys, and dont expect anything from them for advertising for them. If some one sees some results from where I had a good finish, and researches Tiny, relfex, or GSR because I had it in my signature, then thats a good thing. If some clicks the links because I made sensible post (I think I do that sometimes :D), then thats a good thing for them. I dont go out pushing relfex or Tiny, and I dont go out knocking the guys who I dont put in my sig.

I see it as a sublte way to say I support these guys, and I hope I dont cross any forum boundaries by doing so.

2009.04.19, 11:09 AM
i can't tell you how often we were lambasted years ago for being more strict with signatures, etc. we've managed to loosen up some under some guidance ;) but yes, it amounts to advertising which could have cost benifits associated with it. yes, we would love to have the advertising dollars from such advertisements, but imagine the stink i would get from that that:rolleyes: you can't please everyone thats for sure. i believe in an open community, always have and have been working toward that end. guys like those with reflex racing are an excpetion to the rule in my opinion. (let me explain) they are very active in our community and provide a great service in experience and knowledge. i have no quams at all with nods to them. there are some other select persons whom also have websites, etc. that also actively contribute which i have tried for years to encourage and expaned upon. to those of you (you know who you are) i say thank you and would have links to your stuff if it would not exceed the maximum character limit for signatures.:p if not for that, my signature would be exceedingly long:eek:

we have begun actively seeking advertising however. if you know anyone interested, please email to ads @ tinyrc.com you will see this begin shortly.

but yes, as others have put it, they are also expressions of gratitude, respect, etc. we do pay attention to them and i have had to edit them or ask that they be edited on ocassion. if anyone ever has questions, concerns about thiers or others, please pm a moderator. we are very open minded here so unless your are actively advertising shop specific sales, (directed marketing/advertising), linking to inapppropriate material, your more than likly well within the bounds of acceptable.

i do ask that signatures be kept to a reasonable size however. i have a particular pet peive about enormous signatures/images, etc.

keep up the support gentlemen :)

2009.04.19, 11:51 AM
I work part time at Al's, so I try to promote the store when possible.

2009.04.19, 02:05 PM
Hi arch2b.
It is a great gesture and policy from this forum to consider this, in allowing competition promotion even in today’s economics conditions, were there is less buyers and less $ to spend base on feelings:), I really admire this guiding principle;). However, it is interesting as well, when someone is trying to provide some info about some other store and the asterisks come thru, which is opposite to the “feelings guiding principle” isn’t this in some way selective or perhaps bigotry. Not very egalitarian, I guess:(.

I hope this conversation in all ways is consider adult or mature perhaps professional, “NOT” a submission against your policy or “half way” guidelines. neither against any shop in particular; I personally buy from most of them, depending on their price and available inventory concerning my needs.
Never the less, promotion is promotion, I can’ imagine Burger King allowing McDonalds placing an ad inside their restaurant, just because McDonalds have a great foundation that helps people in need.


2009.04.19, 02:58 PM
My sig = sponsors...

I personally feel that it could be misleading to have companies posted in the sig, that you do NOT race for. When people look at the post, and then see that it says Reflex, PN, Atomic... in the sig, it gives them the idea that the poster IS representing the companies or race teams.

Yes it is advertisement, but it should not be used to promote other companies, more of show the affiliations that the poster has, or the products that they use.

2009.04.19, 03:14 PM
EMU, I didnt clear it with Tiny to 'represent' them in my signature, but didnt think they would have a problem on their own forum (I probably shoudnt assume though). I did however ask reflex if it was okay for me to put their name in my signature. I think we are at an understanding that I am not a team member, but rather a loyal customer, and I will help promote them under the proper curcumstances, which I feel I am within. I also feel I am at an understanding with Brian, and GSR.

If were ever to achive sponsership (doubtful at my skill level, lol) and had them in my sginature, I would address them as such. I dont really see what I am doing as any different than some one else putting "the products that they use" into their signature. As an aside to that, I am having another go at getting my MRCG up to par, and I run refelx bearings, tires, H-plates, and WTF. I guess that qualifies as some type of parts recognition too. :D

2009.04.19, 03:59 PM
Hi Eugene,
I guess that promoting a product that is compatible with Kyosho Mini-zs as PN, Atomic, Reflex brand parts, 3 Racing, Orion etc, as well as, any product that is available for purchase at shop.tinyrc.com as MRCG it is of convenience, since this will “motivate/lead “ the potential buyer to acquire them, perhaps at shop.tinyrc.com, very different as promoting the competitions store.

Yep I first was mislead, I thought that these Gentlemen that post those products & shop names where indeed sponsored, perchance team or factory drivers, but suddenly most everybody is doing the same.

I think Brian has a point, when he compared this with stickers on your car of the “products” you use on it, perhaps vogue. I did this for the first time on my Mc GTR long tail Lemans recently; with PN & ATM decals, I got, as a gratitude for sending them free to me. BTW, the only aftermarket products I use do to their high standard quality. My little shear of free advertising, in this forum, hehehehehe:). Go PN & ATM!!! I soon will be including a REFLEX center shaft on my 4wd

2009.04.19, 04:31 PM
EMU, and I run refelx bearings, tires, H-plates, and WTF. I guess that qualifies as some type of parts recognition too. :D

Hi hrdrvr.
Using the shop name on a product is ambiguous, a clever marketing tactic. Not bad;), you see this more often in clothing & wear brand boutiques as Christian Dior, Gucci, Lacoste, Polo etc and others branded specialty shops. Any time your product is mentioned it leads to the store. Good marketing strategy!

2009.04.19, 05:10 PM
there is a difference in putting the name of a site in your signature vs. putting a link to a dedicated shop. where you do see these, it's safe to assume it has been cleared with the site owner. the line may get blurred with sites like reflex racing where they do have thier own shop. this is where personal relationships come to play where rr has express permission to link as a competitor shop. at the same time you can see how they take care and respect in thier posting of links to rr.

It is a great gesture and policy from this forum to consider this, in allowing competition promotion even in today’s economics conditions, were there is less buyers and less $ to spend base on feelings, I really admire this guiding principle. However, it is interesting as well, when someone is trying to provide some info about some other store and the asterisks come thru, which is opposite to the “feelings guiding principle” isn’t this in some way selective or perhaps bigotry. Not very egalitarian, I guess.

i try to keep this place as open as possible but there are limits. as much as i may run this forum in terms of day to day moderation (withe significant help from other moderators), i am not the site owner. there are limits i have to work within and if you see some filtering, it's for a reason. it could be a result of past abuses of our policy (shop advertising openly on our forum), it could be a result of relationship issues between parties. i do not control all, i am not the judge, jury. are there some that continue to be filtered, yes. does our open policy have limits, yes. are you and anyone else free to complain about it, yes.

this business about operating a forum which depends on sales generated by the shop was built on and continues to succeed by building on relationships with those in the industry, manufacturers, etc.

if your specifically referring to atomic mods, you will notice that we continued to have a very good relationship with cristian throughout his stint there. at that time, they were removed from filtering as we had discussed practical rules of understanding. if they are again being filtered (i have not checked), you may safely assume that it was due to cristians move. with his move, so did our relationship and rules of understanding. this is not to say it could not be undone but we have yet to be contacted by anyone remaining behind to build a new relationship.
do some get preferential treatment, sure they do. again, it's about relationships, respect and understanding.

fyi, if anyone feels a group is being treated unfairly, please contact the moderators for further discussion. we are always looking to build relationships where none exist, rebuild those that may have been lost and look forward to the continuation those that we have.

mature and respectful attitudes i think contribute greatly to the success of this forum. for the most part, we moderators stay out of the way and act as needed, requested. i feel this is one of the hallmark characteristics of this forum and the people we do business with here.

i can honestly tell you i don't even recall the last time someone was banned for anything other than spam. if you see any post editing by a moderator, it is due to just cause and or direct request by major parties involved. i aknowledge this as i recently had to edit some posts.

i think that says a lot about us and the people who take part in this forum.

2009.04.19, 06:51 PM
Very clear your exposition arch2b, no need to give reasons what so ever, as no need to speculate and mention names, way out of the topic!
I see the theme is taking a different direction, totally out of proportion. Which in no way was not my intention nor is the topic of this thread, as you can read. Therefore, since I got s few good answers to my curiosity and question by now, I guess this is the end to this thread:cool:.

Thanks to all that replied, with the intention of clearing me from doubts and living conjecture to the side. See you all in some other interesting thread soon…:)

2009.04.19, 07:29 PM
you asked the questions, you put forth the speculations... i simply responded. if this has wandered off topic, i did not lead it, i simply followed. :)

2009.04.19, 07:48 PM
Arch, your approach and thoughts on the community are what keeps me here. You guys behind the scenes really do a great job of keeping the peace, and the community does a good job of keeping you from having to intervene too mcuh. I think its great that you guys have such good realtionships with most of the major players. It lets them have an outlet to share information that is much needed for this hobby to grow. I think that team work is what leads the miniZ community as a whole to have a much better attidtude than some other forms of racing.

2009.04.19, 08:39 PM
it's a constant struggle to maintain an environment to attract and allow big and small players to share information while at the same time ensuring the profitable operation of the shop which allows our community sites to exist. our goal was and remains to make this a place where they want to come to share. we get absolutely tremendous support and activity from the privateers as well which is awsome.

sharing information is what i think has kept this line going for so long. without that, this could have easily dried up years ago. it's the constant improvements from the big players and the innovations of the private sector and members sharing information that have kept the energy up. we merely facilitate the discussion. it the members plain and simple that drive this community. my hats off to each and every one of you :)

2009.04.30, 07:43 PM
Even though it was covered already plenty, I still want to voice my opinion: be it sig or decals on your race body, this is the same as what people do with real cars. Some like company's products and want to tell others they're good, some had better experiences with certain stores than others, and so on.

For example, why did I put reflex's sticker on the window of my Evo 7? Because when I needed major parts for it reflex had exactly what I needed in stock, at a price I deemed fit, and shipped everything to me on time.

Why put a green Orion logo on our Zs or in sigs? I don't know, you tell me guys ;)

I can think of 1 reason shop.tiny shouldn't care when people link other stores on these forums- they always had and will have THE best prices and great discounts from time to time despite being out of stock often, due to getting cleaned out by us within few days of a fresh shipment.

Whenever shops mind competition IMO just means they need to improve in hot areas to attact the customers and once again, as seem w/ tiny, this feat is very doable for these RCs.

2009.09.15, 09:32 PM
I work part time at Al's, so I try to promote the store when possible.

AL's as in Al's toy barn... lol

2009.09.15, 09:56 PM
displaying fanboy imagery in your signature is nothing more than bumperstickers in my opinion. i don't expect it to mean someone is factory sponsored nor even really care about said item/brand. some logo's just look good and it's fun throwing them up. who doesn't like chrome r.r. stickers :p all i ask is that you be thoughtful in the size. i have a thing about wasted scroll space due to absurdly large signatures.:rolleyes:

what is not permissible is actively using this forum to obtain sales for another location. we have advertising space for that. that being said, toss an atomic mods, pnracing or atomic rc (yes, there is a difference. you would be surprised at how many do not realize that) logo in your signature if thats your fancy. it doesn't bother me :) i've done my share of shopping around when needed.

i'd be interested to know what the other rc sites are like regarding such things though? back in the xmods glory days, those websites were ball busters about everything. i got warned just for mentioning mzr a couple times and had links removed to pictures i have posted here.

2009.09.16, 04:49 AM
Xmods Forum likes to be stricter with their policies, Xmodsource doesn't care all too much, Xmoding.com doesn't care and Xmodworld is dead. That covers the big 4. :)

I think we're beating a dead horse by now, but sigs don't really matter too much as long as people are open-minded about it and willing to discuss if there's a disagreement. This is a community, after all, so I'm glad to see that it functions properly as one at times like this [this thread].

2009.09.16, 07:58 AM
yes, i too am very proud to serve this community :) other than the random occurrences, we rarely have trouble here which is a testament to the members and their ability to interact in a meaningful, respectful manner.

on behalf of the people behind the curtain, thank you :p

2009.09.17, 05:19 PM
You know what is impressive is the civility of this forum vs. any other forum out there. I don't think I have ever seen profanity or use of it here. Overall the threads are highly concentrated with information and the irrelevant thoughts are predominantly dismissed or ignored quickly.

In all the other RC sites/forums that I visit, I see antagonism, heckling, cussing, rip-offs, and useless threads of information nobody cares about on a DAILY basis.

So, from Reflex we would like to congratulate and thank all the forum members, moderators and Tiny RC for keeping these threads, clean, informative and accessible.

2009.09.17, 06:46 PM
I agree 100%. Thats why i come on here every day. Also why, when i get to go to bigger race events, i look forward to meeting people on this forum.:)

2010.11.09, 05:50 PM
i hate to have to say this at all but please refrain from including direct links to other micro scale rc e-commerce sites. i would not go to these other places and bombard them with links to shop.tinyrc. i expect the same level of respect and courtesy in return.

links to manufacturer blogs, home pages with manufacturer information = :D

direct links to other shops = :mad: you can however have the actual name, just not an active link. i think it's fair to allow proper names and titles.

if you would like to advertise, we have avenues for that. the cost of which is entirely dependent on the quality of relationship with this site.

we will be updating our FAQ shortly to include documented policy on such things as this which members can be referred to when necessary. for the time being, i think it has been summed up well in the contents of this thread.

again, if you have any comments, questions or just want to rant, please contact a moderator via PM or EMAIL.

2010.11.09, 07:35 PM
Xmods Forum likes to be stricter with their policies, Xmodsource doesn't care all too much, Xmoding.com doesn't care and Xmodworld is dead. That covers the big 4. :)

Last I checked (and correct me if I'm wrong), those places do not have their own dedicated shop let alone a superb one like tiny has been for quite some time.

2010.11.10, 10:44 AM
Absolutely fair arch2b;)