View Full Version : incompatibility receiver servo?

2009.04.19, 09:57 AM

I have some problems with a futaba S3114 servo connected with a acoms hayabusa 2,4 GHz receiver.
are their any known issues?
first it looked all normal, but when testing, the servo occasionally doesn't get back to the neutral position. their's no noteworthy load on the servo, but it still get's pretty hot.
the S3114 is a proportional servo. can you switch between digital and proportional mode with the acoms hayabusa?
I can do nothing to get it back to neutral pos or to move at all unless I wait a minute or so and it get's back or I switch power off and on.
I guess it's a servo issue, but I'm not sure.
I made a quick test with another bigger servo, which seems to work fine.
any hints?