View Full Version : Anyone into airsoft here?

2002.06.17, 05:46 AM
I use to post alot here and now i've forgotten this forum...i've been spending all my time in airsoft forums now-a-months...

anyways, is there anyone here who also plays with airsoft guns?

2002.06.17, 06:54 AM
use to play alot during my school days. can't play now cos airsoft is a big no no in my country

2002.06.17, 07:32 AM
oh ok...what guns did you have?

2002.06.17, 02:01 PM

I've read in many a newspaper how criminals used AirSoft guns to hold up banks on the grounds they were not 'real' handguns.
In my opinion, as an owner of a legal handgun, they look too damn realistic.
There has been many cases where people get blown away by the police or vigilant citizens for flashing, pointing and threatening people with those so called toys.

The New Zealand government has restricted them too, due to gangs buying them to confuse the police when a real handgun is used in a shooting. While the police are persuing or dissarming the AirSoft BB gun carriers, the perp with the real weapon eludes them.

There has been interesting write ups on this exact subject matter in the Soldier or Fortune and Guns & Ammo magazines.

Other than that, the gas powered AirSoft BB guns with alloy breeches look really neat, but unfortunately, they are a little too realistic and could cost someone their life.

Personally, I think the barrel, trigger, hammer (if applicable) and magazine should be moulded in paint resistant dayglow orange to prevent these 'toys' being used for criminal purposes.

2002.06.17, 08:42 PM
I use to own a BB pistol, but in 2000 the Gun laws changed in Australia after a massacre, and now things like BB guns and Airsoft are banned. :c

I had a damn cool browning airsoft pistol tho..

In Hong Kong they have a lot of cool USPs and Berrettas etc, but even if I bought them there I couldn't bring them back.

They're now treated as bad as a real pistol. Whatever penalties u get for owning a handgun without a license, is the same penalty u get if u own a airsoft without a license. o.O

Is it worth the trouble? (well, I do really want that battery controlled Airsoft sniper... but)

:c damn, I wish I lived in HK.

SSJ Char
2002.06.17, 10:29 PM
all they have to do is make the designs into sci-fi designs. i wouldnt mind a starteck phaser, or one that looks like spidermans equipment(kinda like impact webbing).

2002.06.18, 12:17 AM
yeah. it's people like these that cast a bad light on airsoft. that's why when i use to own them, my friends and i always carry them safely locked in cases, ask permission from the local authorities to play at the grounds, inform the police,residents in the area etc so that we wn't cause a fuss and get ourselves shot at. seeing a group of ppl in militray outfits and weapons has a funny effect on ppl.:eek:

i use to have a glock 18c, beretta m92 fs, m4a1 carbine, m203 grenade launcher, h&k psg1, h&k mp5a4, h&k mp5a5, fn p90, beretta m93r

2002.06.18, 03:06 AM
yea i know airsoft can be dangerous...But i use them safely in this case......in my opinion, the orange barrel and stuff makes guns look too fake and stuff

here in hong kong, theres no restriction to these stuff, so I don't have orange barrels or putty over my trademarks...

anyways, I have a marui MP5 A5 and a M9 tactical master..

2002.06.18, 04:22 AM
Here in England the guns can be total 1:1 replicars, no orange parts are needed, is that right Mondo?

2002.06.18, 09:23 AM

Spot on, but due to small amount of illegal (and legal) handguns, they aren't really used by criminals.
At the end of the day, they are good looking replicas, but they can get you killed.
In England, even a table leg wrapped in plastic will get you shot by the police!

2002.06.18, 10:50 AM
i dont get it, i live in the states, is it something like paint ball, or are they just big bb's that you shoot at each other, because i play paintball, and i always hear other people at the fields talk about air soft, i just dont know what it is, can one of you please fill me in?

2002.06.18, 11:07 AM
i too live in england, and what mondo is saying is true... a year or two ago, some guy was killed by the police coz he had a gun shaped lighter.

2002.06.18, 12:15 PM

They are replica handguns that shoot 6mm plastic BB's.
The cheaper ones are spring powered, but the more upmarket models are powered by gas.
They are availabe in common configurations like the CZ75, Glock Model 17, Colt ACP and even some of the more exotic handguns like H&K and Sig Sauer.

As Mixxy said, there's an enquiry taking place in the UK.
Some guy walked into a bar with table legs wrapped in plastic, had a lemonade and left.
Some drunk-assed barfly mistook the package as a sawn-off shotgun, phoned the police and this poor guy was murdered by a police sniper.
He was not warned, or spoken to by the police, just gunned down by a police sniper in cold blood.

In the UK the government pleads democracy but practices opression, it dissalows the public to own handguns.
However, the British police have gunned so many innocent people down "in error", it makes me wonder.

2002.06.23, 03:03 PM
i'm deep into the airsoft jungle.
at the moment i have a TM SR16, Glock19 and 17, Benelli M3 super90.

i'm not very active now due to military service and a broken leg, but as soon as i'm better and have some free time i'm getting back out in the woods.

2002.06.23, 10:31 PM
i have a spring powered M9, and a gas M4 carbine. but everyone around here's like "airsoft? wtf is airsoft?". sucks. as for the whole guns=the devil mindset debate, i think england oughta loosten up on restricting guns. i think gun control is a great idea, but the restrictions are too much. if criminals want guns, and cant get them legally, they go see "boris the blade/boris the bullet dodger." so all the government is doing is restricting sporting arms to the law-abiding citizens of the nation. JMO

2002.06.23, 11:06 PM
i have some BB rifle my dad got in Argentina when he was a kid and when he moved here he brought it and gave it to me....i think its automatic i havent used it.....Also i had 2 P1 replicas spring action BB gun that weighed the actual weight of the P1 looked like it (cuz it was a replica). But when i passed through customs on my way bak to italy they confiscated them......damn....they were awesome....in the hotel rooms with your skool buddies in italy with no parents.....there was atleast 30 people per room shooting at each other.....i had bought 3 guns while i was htere in italy....a pp7 that broke and the 2 P1s....i was gonna buy an M16 but it was too big to hide from the teachers LOL!!

The Thunderer
2002.06.23, 11:21 PM
Do the plastic 6mm bullets do any damage?

2002.06.24, 02:25 AM
for unmodified guns a single rd will only leave a tiny red dot on the skin but if you shoot a few rds up close it might break the skin

if using a modified gun, it will sting a lot and most definately break the skin if shot at point blank

never ever shoot a modified airsoft sniper rifle point blank cos it can go through the toughest part of a coke can and dent the bottom sometimes even out the can. so you can imagine wat it'll do to you if you were shot point blank will one

remember to always wear eye protection when playing airsoft unless you feel like becoming a cyclops :)

2002.07.02, 03:21 PM
how mutch do they cost,

2002.07.02, 09:11 PM
it really depends on what kind you get. spring guns are anywhere from $15 to $60. electric and gas guns can be from $50 to ....well, right on up there. ive seen some go for $950.

2002.07.09, 02:18 PM
hey go to www.airgunstore.com they sell like every Airsoft you can buy right now and they also sell other kind of bb guns
I got a USP from that site. (they dont sell it to some states(like NY and CA) and only in US)

2002.07.12, 04:20 PM
I wonder how bad you could scare some one with something like a airsoft Desert Eagle...or maybe a M80...


2002.07.29, 09:10 PM
Uh... bad taste in jokes.

People have gotten shot&killed by police for that kind of stuff.

That's exactly what airsoft SHOULDN'T be used for.

My friend has an AK-47, and a few handguns... she has to watch where she fights with them. Usually they go on this guy's farm that has a couple of old barns and a small forest...

2002.07.30, 01:48 PM
you are suposto ask/tell the cops that your going to play anywhare even on privit property becaws thay will even shot at you if you have a paintball gun

2002.08.03, 03:24 PM
wopee, i just got my first airsoft pistol, me and my brother spent $25 on 2 colt 1911. they where at a flea market and later he is gona have some rifels im gona look at. we went out and shot at each other and had a blast. next to walmart to get more pellets. they are just spring loaded cheepes, but they work.