View Full Version : Fires!

2009.04.24, 07:45 AM
Hope everyone down there is safe!


2009.04.24, 11:48 AM
We are all watching the movements of the fire closely but just now I think every one is fine.

Ed Roberts
2009.04.24, 02:28 PM
Thanks Pedro, I'm 99% sure all the racers are fine. Most of the racers live on the south end of Myrtle Beach and the fires are on the north end. At this time no one has been hurt, thank God but about 70 homes have burned down.

See you at the race.

2009.04.24, 09:42 PM
Good to hear........Best to all and hope it is put out soon!!!!!!!!

2009.04.25, 07:05 AM
Thanks lot for checking in on us Pedro, but as Ed said, most of us all live down at the south end where we were safe from the mayhem. There have been a lot of folks effected, but no one I know has been, outside of increases traffic due to closed roads.

My thoughts are still with thsoe who are effeced. Its pretty crazt when you see the events and the aftermath of an event like this. When I went to bed last night, the fate of the fires were still unknown. I hope theyve got them more in control (or out!) today.

2009.04.25, 07:38 AM
Glad to hear you are ok Landon. I've been thinking about you down there and meaning to post, but Pedro beat me to it. CT is thinking about you as well.