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2009.04.26, 05:23 PM
My steering servo has been acting up recently. While driving it will lock up and only go straight or turn in one direction. After gently pushing on the wheels against the stuck position, the servo would become "unstuck" and move again. I took it apart and swung the servo arm in the good direction with no problems; the other way was stuck. I poked around and tried blowing out any hair or pebble and it seemed to swing again. I put it back together.
While running the car and turning the wheels I noticed that while turning, there would be a "clack" sound every now an again while it turned, but at least it turned. I took it apart again, looked for something caught in the servo gears, and put it back together. It seems to work fine, but I am worried that it might happen again.
Any thoughts?

2009.04.26, 05:27 PM
Are any of your servo gears missing teeth, or do the servo gears have any plastic flashing left on them? There are several things that could cause the 02 servo to mechanically lock up, it's not always hair or pebbles.

2009.04.26, 10:06 PM
i agree with color01 on this one...
recheck all of the servo gears... happened to me once... inspect the teeth through a magnifying glass... try cleaning the teeth with a toothbrush, to make sure that nothing is in between them... or go through them with a pin...

also inspect the servo saver assembly... and make sure that everything is in order when you put everything back together (i.e. no wires are pinched etc)...

hope this helps...

2009.04.29, 12:03 PM
Thanks guys!! Good advice. Cheers.

2009.05.03, 05:09 AM
the same thing happened to me yesterday after a reversed the car in to a table leg. what is it likely to be?


2009.05.03, 10:02 PM
a. broken servo gear
b. dirty servo gear
c. servo saver
d. dirty pot
e. all of the above

:D try out all suggestions and let us know... good luck and welcome to the forums

2009.05.04, 05:56 AM
i found i had some sand in the servo area. but now i cannot get it back together and i dont really want to unsolder any thing.

thanks herman

2009.05.05, 01:59 AM
hmm... what do you mean by ''cannot get it back together''?

take a look at the manual if you have problems...
there's an online manual on this site... pls click below...
kyosho's online manuals (http://kyosho.com/eng/support/instructionmanual/mini-z/miniz_index.html)

hope this helps...

2009.05.09, 01:43 AM
just take your time .and you can do it