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2009.04.27, 05:28 AM
Hi guys.

A member of the club bought a new LM saturday but we cant get it to pair.
The transmitter we used was the one he uses for the MRO2.

We did everything by the book, ceveral times but it wont pair.
The transmitter does what it should, it goes into pairing mode with the dimmed LED.
When we turn on the car while pressing the pairing button the red led lights up immediatly. When we release it starts to blink.
When this didnt work we took a transmitter of someone else to try and it to didnt pair. We then tried to pair the trnamitter back to the other and that wouldnt work either anymore !!

Finaly we tried my transmitter on the new LM and it worked from the first time.
We tried putting in new batteries, car and transmitter. Went outside to try, nothing helped to get the 2 other cars to pair.

Any ideas cause now we got 2 members cars not pairing anymore.


2009.08.15, 04:35 PM
Did you find a solution to your problem?

I got the same problem here.

Bought a car used from thi board and bought a kt-18.

I hold the programming button on kt-18 and turn it on.
Release the programming button as soon as the blue light turns off.
At this point the blue light dims.

On the car I hild the programming button while I turn car on.
As soon as the LED glows bright, I release the programming button.
At this point the LED stay bright and I turn the car off and radio off.
Turn radio on, and turn car on I got no response from the car.
LED is dim and blinking.

Did I do anything wrong?
Any tips on how to pair it correctly?

2009.08.15, 05:14 PM
Do you have the manual for the kt-18? If so do the procedure for a factory reset,then try to pair again. I had similar probs with a kt-18 and this solved the issue for me.:)

2009.08.15, 08:38 PM
I did the factory reset and it still doesn't help.
Now I'm puzzled.....

Any other ideas?


2009.08.15, 08:45 PM
You could try fresh batteries in car and tx,i'm sure i read somewhere other wireless devices can interfere when pairing too.Maybe try pairing outside away from other devices.

2009.08.17, 12:09 PM

Thanks for your inputs.
My radio was the culprit.
It did not want to pair with the car.
I picked up a different KT-18 radio and it works just fine.

2009.08.21, 12:36 AM
Sorry for the late reaction.
No we didnt find the solution for it.
He bought a kopropo transmitter, no problems with that so far.