View Full Version : Belt Driven F1 - Maybe the worlds second?

2009.04.27, 12:37 PM
I've had this thing bloody ages, it's about time in my opinion.

I used an Atomic ball diff and replaced the spur gear with the belt disk. Then got a plastic bushing (the ones you put in the wheels) and dremmelled the inside out to fit the Atomic shaft. Then placed the belt disk around the bushing, put all the plates back, locked that baby up and wala!


As I said, maybe the worlds second - following Matt's (Mk2).

I feel like it's a bit of a bodge job to get these working. Not sure how well it will perform on the track but it gained 2kph on the dyno and only 4/10's of a gram on the scales.

Next meet should be interesting.

I spent 16 on the BDDS, 19 on the Atomic diff and 24 on the PN motor mount. A total of 59 ($84.40) WITHOUT postage.

Obviously, the motor mount has more uses than just the diff, being light n' all, but still. Very expensive and unless I start smashing old lap times, I don't really think it was worth it. Although it is damn quiet and I have a little bit of a thing for a quiet car... :D Then again, it was nearly silent with a geared diff, but oh well... :rolleyes:

2009.04.27, 01:50 PM
about time tom:p,did i give you any 0 rings for the pinions?

2009.04.27, 03:07 PM
Yeah mon. What are they for?

2009.04.27, 04:04 PM
they go over the pinion to grip the belt:)

2009.04.28, 06:28 AM
your going to be flying with all these new bits realy need to sort out my f1:)

2009.04.28, 07:43 AM
your going to be flying with all these new bits
And if my wheel doesn't fall off in all my races lol! :D

realy need to sort out my f1:)
Don't you think you're fast enough already?

Clearly not lol...

2009.04.28, 01:32 PM
sorry about your wheel coming off hope it wasent my fault :pmaybe the nylon in the nut is worn i put a bit of loctite on the back ones :)and my f1 is stock apart from the bearings so ive not done much with it:rolleyes: does not help with me running 3 cars of a non model memory tranny keep on altering the trims for the differnt cars then forget to put them back for the right car thinl the brushes are on the way out so it slow on accelration :D

2009.04.29, 05:03 AM
Na it's not your fault. Like you say, the nylon had gone. :)

As for your cars, considering what you said - you do bloomin' well! :p