View Full Version : F1 Stopping

2009.04.27, 07:02 PM
On Sunday we did this months track as a time trial, and my F1 kept stopping every so often. I don't know why, but I did have a problem with batteries all day I think, need to cycle them before next months' meet. Anyway, I'm hoping that it's just a turn has died on the motor, but even then, I've not been running that motor all that long.

Anyone got any ideas?

2009.04.27, 07:20 PM
Check the springs on the battery terminals... make sure they are not loose. Make sure the motor is clean, and wires are fully secured. Check antenna... Do other cars glitch at the track with same crystals?

2009.04.28, 08:51 AM
theres only a few of us running, so we all have our own designated crystals, but, on both cars, my steering has gone mad, then recovered when I've changed batteries. I've not cycled any of my AAA's since last summer, so they could need that. I was told you didn't need to cylce AAA's, but it looks like I might, (this is why I love lipos!).

2009.04.28, 01:34 PM
Like EMU said I would check the wires coming from the board and going to the motor. They have a way of loosening from the board over time and can cause the stopping problem. Could even cause steering glitches. I would check out the flow of power from the terminals all the way through to the motor and board. Check the soldering on the motor also. I bet you problem is somewhere in there. Good Luck.

2009.10.06, 09:39 PM
i second emu & bash n thrash's suggestion... for me it was the wire connected to the motor... i remember mine coming off during a race... what a bummer... or cycle the batts...

good luck