View Full Version : PN HFAY Motor Needed

2009.04.29, 05:12 AM
I've managed to ruin one trying to reverse the polarity. Does anyone have one spare they could sell to me?


2009.04.29, 05:24 AM
how did it break tom?

2009.04.29, 06:39 AM
I'm crap at soldering... In a nut shell. I swapped the motor wires around and it doesn't work now. My dad tested it with a multi-meter - nothing. I probably over-heated something. >.<

2009.04.29, 06:46 AM
has brian not got any left otherwise i have a used one which i used for hfay6 do you not have one in your awd you can use:)

2009.04.29, 07:57 AM
think i might have one spare, too slow for me.

2009.04.29, 08:39 AM
I have them in all my cars Matt, yeah, but I really like how my AWD is driving at the moment. I think I have the gear ratio just right for the motor. Same can be said for my MR02 too...

Sarah, if you don't want it, could I buy it from you then please?

And Matt, I don't mind used either. :D If you don't need it that is. :) It's got to be the PN one though...

2009.04.29, 08:45 AM
if I can find it (and it should be in my box somewhere) you can have it.

2009.04.29, 09:04 AM
That'd be ace Sarah, much appreciated!

2009.04.29, 10:26 AM
was thinking you dont need a motor with mounting holes in for the awd just for your 02 and f1 so does brian have no motors left

2009.04.29, 05:21 PM
Yeah, he's got one for me. :D

2009.04.30, 11:48 AM
great news you will have to bring the faulty one next meet and will try and get it working :)

2009.04.30, 03:20 PM
That'd be great Matt, if you don't mind. Cheers!