View Full Version : Hi-Res pictures: Iwaver 02M ALL RED Mc Laren

2009.04.29, 03:38 PM
Here's my baby...
- Mc Laren F1 GTR Red
- Iwaver Alloy Red Wheels
- Wheel Nuts Atomic Alloy Red
- PNRacing Carpet 15 Tires
- Iwaver Alloy Blue Diff
- SG-50 micro-servo
- Rear ajustable Alloy Top Shock
- Iwaver X-speed motor









There are 2 4562 fets stack (4 total). The car is fast enought for me right now... :)

Waiting for your comments. :)

2009.05.05, 06:43 AM
107 views and 0 coments... :(

2009.05.05, 09:34 PM
107 views and 0 coments...

don't feel so bad... i know how you feel...

anyway, welcome to the forums...

body looks nice, not much of a fan of red rims...
i think you will have to lower the body though...
i don't know how to do that on an iwaver chassis, so i can't really comment...
i'm not much of an iwaver fan...

how's the mini r/c scene in sao paulo, brazil??? any tracks over there?

2009.05.06, 07:18 AM
Just one... a 30m2 track at a slot car club. :(

I'll make my own carpet track at home, as I'm buying one next month...

The suspension course is very long, and it's a little difficult to make it lower. If I change the rear clips position, it will be a little lower, but I'll have to put spacers under the front arms, reducing and making the suspension work a little harder. I think the great advantage of the iwaver is on the digital FM radio, and the board, that comes with the 4562 fets already.

Thanks for the coments, herman. :)

2009.05.06, 09:31 AM
I agree with Herman's comments about lowering the body. I have a few iWaver/Firelaps, and I have this body in particular, although I don't use it with an 02M, but with a regular MR-02.

I found that most iWaver bodies ride high on either Firelap/iWaver 02, and Kyosho MR-02s. The simplest way to lower the body was to pop the side clips and re-glue them about 1 or 1.5mm higher up in side the body. This lowered the entire body without having to compromise the suspension.

The only concern would be whether or not there's enough clearance inside for the chassis. The MR-02 fits fine, and I have a damper plate which clears the rear window by less than 1mm. The 02M looks pretty flat, so I think it should work for you.

2009.05.06, 09:44 AM
The front suspension arm is a little "high". I'm afraid that could hit inside the body's front part.

I'll try to make a picture pressuring the car against the floor, to show you guys the whole suspension course... it's very long!

2009.05.07, 04:14 AM
Just one... a 30m2 track at a slot car club.
can you post some pics?
hmm... wondering how much is the i-waver vs. kyosho over there???
good luck modifying your car/chassis...

2009.11.21, 02:28 PM
Hey umm i was wondering what type of wheels are they? wide, narrow or semi wide? Also, wanted to know what tyres you have as well? I'm quite new to the RC stuff so i don't know much. But i'm planning to get an iwaver for my first RC car...i don't have much money to spend and iwavers seem to be reasonably priced and fun to play and customise.