View Full Version : Racing May 3rd....

2009.04.30, 02:24 PM
Sorry for the late post, but I'm usually on the phone with you guys (regulars) to keep you informed anyways. We'll be running this Sunday starting around 10:30am until whenever. It worked out pretty well last time just running one class but I would like to get a Mod class in if possible, so I'd like to start the Heats around 1:00pm.

If you can make it, post below.

2009.04.30, 03:03 PM
Ill be there. Im pretty sure John is comming. Mod would be good too. Like to get my mod pan tuned up for M. Beach.

2009.04.30, 06:49 PM
Yep I'll be there. I'll send you an email too got a question to ask!

Oh, btw:

Finally had time to upload my video project I did for class starring our own Larry!
(there is a sound glitch at 01:04:45:00, dont worry bout it)

I'll be home from school saturday, so start counting me in for thursdays if you're still doing them!

2009.04.30, 09:03 PM
Good work John! I think you need a new actor.:o;):)

Davey G
2009.05.01, 03:21 PM
Really cool vid, now lets see a wide angle lens with all those bodies!!!

2009.05.01, 03:57 PM
That 015 looks pretty trick at 2:32 in the video... Nice vid :D

You should have downloaded the race videos off of youtube, then edited them in. Would have looked much cleaner. Where did you find the F1 KO race video? I havent seen that one. If you could link me, I would really appreciate it.

I would love to see a pic with ALL of the bodies that you have Larry.

2009.05.01, 04:23 PM
Eugene, John shot the video and edited etc...for college. Im sure he can give you the link.

As far as my bodies...one day i will put pics up or start my own gallery or somthing.;)

Old Crow
2009.05.02, 12:45 PM
Won't make it this weekend, good video though.

2009.05.03, 09:36 AM
Haven't had internet for a day or so while moving everything back home (end of semester). Thanks for all the feedback on the video!

The class I did this for was all linear editing (aka tape to tape). I could have in theory downloaded the youtube videos and played it and filmed it, but I didn't think about it until I was halfway done with editing :-p

2009.05.05, 12:13 AM
Seemed like a late night tv sales pitch. I was waiting for Larry to start telling us how Sham-wow or Magic Putty really changed his life!

j/k... Great job! :D Good scene swaps... a good quick intro to the scale.

2009.05.08, 07:34 PM
Eugene, I forgot to reply to you bout the F1 footage, I just randomly found it on Youtube. I searched Mini-Z regional race.