View Full Version : Pairing Mars using 2.4 module?

2009.05.01, 11:19 PM
Dumb question I couldn't find in the manual: how do I pair the car to Mars w/ 2.4 module? Also, do I have to make a profile for it first? Now once a profile for a car is made and its paired, can I say keep 2 cars on and communicate between them via profiles or do I have to turn 1 off because both will respond to the TX?

2009.05.01, 11:41 PM
I think the mars and ex-1 UR are the same for pairing... I just recently programmed a second car to my UR so I will explain.
1. Hold the pairing button on the back of the 2.4gHz module then turn on your transmitter.
2. Hold the button until the red light on the module goes out (~3 seconds).
3. Bring the car and transmitter within 3 ft of each other. Hold the pair button on the asf board then turn the car on.

This finishes the pairing for the transmitter and car in my case, then you turn off the car and transmitter. You turn the tx back on then the car to make sure they are paired (I steer left to right and give throttle).

To enter multiple boards on the UR you push the up key to hit model setting. I choose a model and then push enter. A little "completed" sign flashes under the model name. I turn the car off and tx off then turn both back on and switch the the saved model name to make sure the model is correct. hope this helps

2009.05.02, 12:37 AM
Many thanks for prompt mini-tut man. I'll try it ina sec, sorting new parts :D also loving Kyo ball diff :D :D

2009.05.02, 03:21 AM
All good now. Any way to clear settings for profiles in memory? I might go through em manually as needed, but so far so good. I'm starting to get a hang of this TX.

2009.05.03, 01:07 AM
Don't have enter key and I've tried reset, but not sure whether it cleared the mem. The model names remained, so I'm assuming thats no good.