View Full Version : TRP 2WD High Power AAAs, how are they?

2009.05.02, 12:43 PM
Comparable to Orions, better, worse?

2009.05.02, 08:09 PM
I have a set of those and I've found that they are similar to my Orion 900hv's but without the runtime...they don't stay as strong over the long haul but have decent punch for an 8min session.

2009.05.03, 01:25 AM
I feel that they have a little more speed, but a little less punch than Orion 900. You can gear the car down a pinion, and it feels about the same. I had allways wondered why PN recommended a 12/52 gear ratio with the 70t motor, while I felt it needed a 13/52 or 14/52 to have comparable speed with the Orions.

Orion 900, R1Wurks 990, TSR 900, TRP 900... They all are good, and close in performance. One thing that I notice less with the Orions and Team Screams, is that you can use them more cycles without them starting to run flat in a day. The R1Wurks and TRP start to run slow after the third time using them in a day. This is why I mainly use the Orion and TSR 900s for practice. My other cells see 2 runs at most per week.

R1Wurks have more punch than the Orions or TRP, but slightly slower on the straight. Punch helps in 70t classes, but can hurt with faster motors. With faster motors, I like the TRP cells since they are a little smoother.

If you are already using Orions and they work well (relatively new), then you wont really see a performance increase in getting the TRP cells. If you are planning to get new cells anyway, then I would recommend these. Out of 5 packs, I have no bad cells. And all of them have about the same capacity.

An inexperienced racer probably will not be able to tell the difference between any of the cells. I only notice the difference when driving at the limit, on the lap counter around other drivers that are close to the same pace.

In general, the more you deep cycle the cells after they are fully broken in, the slower they will be. My TRP cells when new, made my 70t car feel like I was using a Speedy 07. Now that they have a couple months on them, they are still fast, but dont have as much punch (just like all of my other cells after they have a little age). My Duratrax 750, R1Wurks 900, Orion 900... all felt that way when they were new. I usually buy 5 sets of cells every 3 months or when I feel that I dont have as much power as I want in stock class. In modified, I prefer slightly aged cells since the new cells have too much power.

I do group my cells by capacity, so they dump at roughly the same time. Usually the pack with the highest capacity is the faster pack through the entire race.

2009.05.03, 10:40 AM
Good summary. I have been using the TRP900, Orion900, Orion750SHO and R1Wurks 750 since the KO race. I use them for stock class. I agreed with Eugene's comments on the TRP900 and Orion900. They behave really close and consistent. I have good results with the Orion750s. No venting on the 5 packs that I have. Noticably more punch than the 900s. However, I couldn't figure out the R1Wurks 750. I just don't see any more or longer punchiness than the Orion750s. I tried charging at 1A, 1.5A, 2A but the result is the same. It's not that much different than the Orion900s.

I will alternate between the different brands in qualifiers to see how they feel and I usually reach for the Orion750SHO for the mains. Just my subjective observation.

2009.05.15, 07:51 PM
I have good results with the Orion750s. No venting on the 5 packs that I have. Noticably more punch than the 900s.

No venting on 5 packs with the Orion 750SHO's?
- What charger do you use?
- At what rate do you charge the cells?

2009.05.15, 08:54 PM
I am using the MAHA MH-C9000. I always charge them at 700Mah. Many of the racers here in the bay area said you can charge them at 1Amp after about 10 charges at 700Mah. I haven't have the heart to try it yet.:o

2009.05.15, 11:40 PM
I have 3 sets of Orion 750SHO's, all but a few cells vented.

I charged them with a Cell Master charger @0.5-0.9A. The venting destroyed the anodizing on my PN AAA charging tray.:( After a few cycles charging them @0.9A (The charge rate recommended by an Orion Rep.) the venting stopped.

I have not tried TRP900's. From what I've read on this forum in posts by a few top pilots they seem to be good cells.

2009.06.19, 05:07 PM
I recomend charge TRP900 at 1.1 Amp.
And no use more than 3 times a day.

2009.06.19, 05:30 PM
I charge my TRP 900 as 2.5A by Checkpoint charger or Thunder AC6, this is the best for me

2009.06.19, 06:26 PM
My TRPs seem to last for quite a while too without use, any idea if these are hybrids?

2009.07.07, 07:33 AM
anyone know the internal impedance of this cell and other cell that popular among racer pls post them, i usually pick batt by comparing the capacity=runtime, voltage=speed, int.resistance=punch.. tested with my T30.
But never find this information posted at this forum.

2009.08.13, 11:32 PM
I've been using the Maha 9000 chargers exclusively on all my cells. I have 6 sets of the R1990's and 4 sets of the TRP 900's. I think the TRP's actually have a little more mid-range and punch than the R1's--but the R1's seem to consistantly last longer in run times.
I charge only at 1 amp-- I run the cells only once per week-- and I always use the PN discharger when I'm done running them in the car. Then--simply store until I charge and run the next time.
The Cells seem to be lasting and working quite well.
I'll post once I've got over 10 cycles on each set.