View Full Version : Can anyone identify this F1 knuckle

ocean rodeo
2009.05.03, 09:27 AM
I am having a hard time finding this knuckle online. Can someone identify this for me.

2009.05.03, 09:42 AM
gpm by the look of it

2009.05.03, 10:09 AM
mk2`s right there gpm i saw them on ebay a while ago

ocean rodeo
2009.05.03, 10:12 AM
I just bought my first F1 car ever and someone told me these were atomic knuckles:eek: I have never seen atomic F1 parts before so I bought them. When I came home and looked on line for them they were not Atomic and I looked on GPM's site and didn't see them there either. I really do not like GPM products because of past experience. Are these any good or should I give them back? :mad:

2009.05.03, 12:11 PM
iam running gpm parts on my mini-z and xmods and i bash them into everything and havent broken or even bent anything yet so its upto you. you could say they are not as described if you do take them back

2009.05.03, 06:55 PM
I have purple knuckles that look like that. We all know GPM is the only one who's ever made purple so I'd say that the previous posters gave the correct answer.

ocean rodeo
2009.05.22, 08:30 PM
These knuckles look cool but there is way to much play around the king pins and tie rod. The springs do not index correctly and for 2 degree's it's more like 3.