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2009.05.03, 11:52 AM
Looking for some of those ultra fast setups from the DC group.

They are dominating the HFAY Championship as they will most likely take the top 4 or 5 positions. What are you guys doing different from the rest of the world?

I will gladly give up my list of goodies, and Joe should be close to identical to mine..

ASF Board with no upgrades
0 tierod
2 degree knuckles
SS PN Kingpins
Yellow Springs
Graphite Kyosho Plates
PN Mount
Yellow Side Springs
No shock, but washer to keep from overextending
Kyosho Ball Diff
PN Ceramic Balls 5
PN 64 Pitch
54/10 usually..
Battery Tray Shaved
TRP 900 Batteries
PN 6 Rears
Kyosho 30 Fronts

Thanks for sharing..


ocean rodeo
2009.05.03, 01:19 PM
I'm not from DC but I can tell you your gearing is a little bit obscure.

2009.05.03, 04:35 PM
That is great advice.. I will try not to be obscure in the next series.

2009.05.03, 05:55 PM
Whats up Hood, here is my current hfay setup for F1...

-stock asf board
-0 toe
-1 degree camber
-stock king pins (polished)
-yellow front springs
-Kyosho cf side plates
-pn mount
-no side springs
-kyosho shock
-red spring on shock with 2 washers for preload
-Kyosho diff
-pn carbon diff balls
-standard diff gear with 8t or 9t depending on the track (not 64 pitch yet)
-Orion 900 batteries
-Kyosho 30 front tires
-Kyosho 20 rear tires (taped and glued)

2009.05.03, 06:17 PM
No side springs is different..

Thanks for the info.. One of our local fast guys is running a stacked AM board and has some really fast laptimes, I was considering putting a little more in my F1..

Looking to see if others are using different setups or stacks that give the big lapcounts..

Whatever you do, don't be obscure in your gearing!

Thanks again..

P.S. We ran our May races already, and I should end up the highest finisher for both GT and F1 for Mini-AZ in Season 7. Woo Hoo..

ocean rodeo
2009.05.03, 06:47 PM
That is great advice...I would say 52/10 is a better start. What are your motor temps with that 54? How big is your basement track? Can you post a video of your runs? That will help determine your dilemma?

2009.05.03, 06:50 PM
The fast setup for DC is . . . . awesome driving. The skill demonstrated by the top guys is really impressive. Really clean driving, with good lines week in and week out.

I know these guys have put in a lot of practice and it shows. I don't get much practice time at all . . . and it definitely shows.

Although I'm not in the same league as some of our top guys I just wanted to share my setup, mainly to show that you don't need a crazy setup. I manage to do 85-88 laps with a near stock setup. I will say that I think batteries really make a noticeable difference once your driving improves. That'll be my next investment.

-stock asf board
- -1 toe
-0 degree camber
-stock king pins (polished)
-yellow front springs
-Kyosho stock side plates
-kyosho stock mount
-red side springs
-stock diff
-ceramic bearings
-standard 8t or 9t pinon depending on the track
-Eneloop batteries
-Kyosho 30 front tires
-Kyosho 20 rear tires

ocean rodeo
2009.05.03, 06:55 PM
You have the most important thing. ASF.

2009.05.03, 06:59 PM
At least 2-3 guys run AM boards so ASF is not necessary. These are guys that are doing more laps than I am.

It's silly but one of the main reasons I run ASF aside from the lack of glitches is I hate seeing an antenna. Love the scale looks of Mini-z and the antenna just kills it for me.

2009.05.03, 07:14 PM
First off your a Jerk. Secondly I would say 52/10 is a better start. What are your motor temps with that 54? How big is your basement track? Can you post a video of your runs? That will help determine your dilemma?
...Our track is not in the basement, nor does the track stay the same, nor does my gearing. HFAY has several different track layouts, and how can you advise me on a gear ratio when you don't even know how big the tracks are?

Vaz and Soulstice,

Thanks for the setup info. I do know what great driving can do, as we watch Brad kick our butts on a regular basis. With the top 5 cars currently, I was hoping you had a secret that you would share..

Dusty and I ran very fast in one direction for May, and we have had some 4 car mains that don't help with the openwheel. I was hoping to be in the top 5 again, but you guys have done a great job keeping everyone else out..

Why the name changes on HFAY? Can you give us a code so we know whom is whom? I know Ed, but the rest are mysteries.

ocean rodeo
2009.05.03, 07:41 PM
...Soul- ASF boards are far superior with response than AM so it is a advantage, I'm not saying that it will make you drive better but it helps, granted you don't crash. I agree with scale looks as well;)

2009.05.03, 08:28 PM
I would let this one die...it was an odd choice of words to describe Hood's setup (he has been around Zs for a long time). It's also counter to the intent of the thread, which was obviously to get information out there, not to criticize individuals' settings (which only serves to obscure information). :D

The name switch was so Arch could keep track of drivers/tags better (we've been getting larger groups of late) and keep the tags stored rather than scanning every race day. A quick rundown of the drivers I can remember at the moment:

Ed: imxlr8ed
Bill: TheRinger
Ryan: Ccson
Sun: soulstice
Raymond: arch2b
Ian: soyverde
Mike: MKeely
Igor: Skv012a

Don't know why I'm even listed in F1 as I've been sitting this season out (ran as filler for one race). Aside from the lack of springs, the other part of Matt's F1 setup I found interesting was the steering speed used on his radio (hope I don't bother anyone by posting this, but I've found it extremely useful). Not sure his exact settings but I currently have my turn set to 60, return at 100 (on a Helios). It made a world of difference for me, though I'm still looking forward to an ASF switch before I start really enjoying the chassis again.

2009.05.03, 08:37 PM
...You are both gearing a little lower than I am, so I might try an 11 next time I practice. Telling me that, instead of being obsure would have been helpful. But, it is better to get the info from people you trust and know from their experience.

I don't think I could try the no side springs without a rear shock mount fabrication.. I might have to try that too..

I was also thinking about trying the Atomic Dampner to try to get better results. Always looking for a better way of doing things.

Thanks again, and lets keep the setups coming.


2009.05.03, 08:40 PM
I also enjoy playing with the speed settings on my Helios. I think I was around 45/65 on the last track.. Very nice tuning tool..

Thanks for the name rundown..

Vaz is the man to beat.. I think he has won all but one race this season, it is nice to know that it was not on a stacked board.

2009.05.03, 09:07 PM
+1 on the helio controls. I have mine set to 60 as well. I think that has helped me a lot.

2009.05.03, 09:31 PM

For the rear shock mount, if you are using the new Mclaren body you can stack plastic wheel bushings to lift the shock mount, you will have to trim a little on the inside of the body but you dont have to put any holes in it to get everytihng under the body.

I have a second F1 and use the atm dds with a modified pn mount, it all also fits under the new Mclaren body. (when I was trimming the body I accidently put two small holes in it that dont need to be there) Overall I like the car, it is very stable but I cant get around a hfay track as fast with it. I built the car for larger tracks because the one I use for hfay isnt good for big tracks.

Here are the settings on my radio.

st travel- 48
st speed- turn 45 return 100
st curve- -25
th hipoint- 60
th curve- -30

I found for me that the radio helps me fix all the mistakes that I make and helps me fine tune for different tracks. These setting tend to change, but never stray far from what you see here. These are the settings I ended up with after a practice day this past weekend.

2009.05.03, 10:50 PM
great thread guys, I'll have to test a few of these setups out. I also need to improve my F1 times. ;)

2009.05.03, 11:03 PM
Okay guys here's my F1 setup...

-stock asf board
-0 toe Atomic bar
-0 degree camber Kyosho knuckles
-Kyosho stainless king pins{polished}
-yellow front springs
-Kyosho cf side plates
-PN mount
-PN bearings
-PN 9 tooth pinion
-no side springs
-Kyosho F1 rear shock with red PN spring
-Kyosho stock diff{with a small amount of Castrol Lubecon inside}
-Orion 900 batteries{for practice}R1 Wurks matched 750's for mains
-Kyosho 30 front tires{taped}
-Kyosho 20 rear tires{taped}
-Atomic Titanium screws used throughout chassis

Here's my radio settings{Ko-Propo EX-1UR}...

st travel- 55
st speed- turn 85 return 100
th punch- 30%
All other radio settings are stock for now, I'm still experimenting with some different settings though.. I definitely agree about having a high-end radio to help tune in the car. It's an invaluable tuning tool to have at your disposal.

2009.05.04, 12:21 AM
That is great advice.. I will try not to be obscure in the next series.

lol good one :D

2009.05.04, 12:25 AM
No side springs eh? Interesting. Will have to give it that a try.

ocean rodeo
2009.05.04, 02:07 PM
lol good one :D

Yeah it's a great one.:rolleyes:

2009.05.15, 06:14 PM
i hope this ends the banter that the two of you have going on because if i intend to view a thread meant to advise people on Formula1-Z setups I certainly don't want to read nonsensical ramblings that have nothing to do with the thread.

As for the thread itself, I am happy to report that the baseline setups on page 1 that I could recreate with the parts I have (not exactly the same gear but close) has shown some improvement in my overall handling. Now if I could just stop pinnning the front wing under the rail into my turn two...:D

2009.05.15, 10:38 PM
ok, cleaned up after the kids... really, is it worth getting twisted over the use of one word? any more problems, email or private message. thats what they are there for :)

yes, name changes were my doing:o we were getting more drivers and screen names were getting difficult to keep track of in my limited memory during race setup, while practicing, etc. most other clubs are using names so we actually are actually fitting in better. also, flipside has cool race announcing and it's easier to listen for your name. sorry if this has caused some confusion.

2009.05.16, 02:33 AM
Cowboysir... raise the front wing a little (shave the posts that hold the wing to the chassis a little), shave the two posts that screw the bumper onto the wing, shave down the bumper where it hits the black piece that holds the tie rod, it should keep you from going under the rail more. As well as prevent the bumper from rubbing the track in the corners. In stock form, the bumper is too low, and hits the track, and easily goes under the rails, after the mods, it is MUCH better.

Each type of body is slightly different with how the wing is designed, so you may have to do it slightly differently depending on the body you run.

2009.05.16, 10:59 AM
Thanks Eugene...I had thought of that but dreaded fooling with my JordanF1 body for "purity" of looks. In the grand scheme of things that anything that stops me from having to walk over and pull the car out is good in my view.;)

2009.05.16, 01:13 PM
as well as raise the posts you need to use the atomic front bumper,i have not had any rcp rail issues since it was fitted:)

and to add to the thread,superglue the sidewall of your front tyres,i know its not handling related but it will help if you cut the corners close:p

2009.05.17, 03:54 AM
I never tried that on the F1... interesting point Matt ;)