View Full Version : How to reduce the top speed?

2009.05.04, 07:06 AM
I am thinking about getting a Monster but if I do so my 6 year old daughter is going to want to play with it.
I was thinking that could be okay if there is a way to reduce the top speed.
If I come up with a way of letting my daughter play with the Monster that would also gain me a higher WAF.

Is it possible to limit the max speed on the radio? Or are there any really slow motors for them?
Any ideas?
Anybody else with young children that have let them play with a Monster? How did it go and what age?

2009.05.04, 07:23 AM
My 6 year old boy actually races with the adults during our race nights, he's even beaten a few of them on occasion.

the stock speed shouldn't be to fast for her, but if it you the only real way to slow them down with the stock radio will be with the gearing, problem is that the slowest gearing is what comes installed from the kit.

you could try to get your hands on a Kyosho ECO motor, to slow it down if needed.

I suggest that you give let her try it out the way it comes, chances are that you can just teach here a how to control the throttle,

Maybe tape something behind the throttle trigger so it can't be pulled in all the way.

2009.05.04, 07:26 AM
The easiest way is to stick a block of wood behind the trigger so she can only pull or push so hard. :D

If you have a higher-end radio you're willing to let her use, just turn down the throttle and brake EPA waaay down.

The Perfex KT-18 has a "training mode" feature that does the same thing.

Otherwise, the block of wood/foam is a time-tested solution. Some really good MR01 racers used to put a block of foam on the radio as a brake limiter (to avoid engaging actual reverse on the then-having-no-brakes MR01). ;)

2009.05.04, 04:20 PM
I like the idea with taping something behind the trigger.

Thanks a lot for the help!