View Full Version : Looking for overland wrangler yj

2009.05.04, 03:23 PM
hi guys i m a newbe here i just bought my cadillac overland,i really want to make it as my car, a wrangler yj,i know that this is really hard so I decide that it can be a Cj or tj too...i need to know if i can put over my overland a 1/24 body or if it s too small...
other think to ask is which are the greatest wheels?

thank you....

2009.05.04, 04:39 PM
any MR series rims can work. 1/24 can work but youll have to make custom mounts

2009.05.04, 05:01 PM
any suggestions or link to share????thank u lot!

2009.05.04, 06:30 PM
id suggest finding a model on the bay and getting dish rims to make up for width

2009.05.05, 07:14 AM
do you think this is right scale or bigger?

i think this is for the taimya 1:10 but i m not sure!

2009.05.05, 10:41 AM
Due to the shock towers on the Overland chassis, this does not fit, with out modification... or cutting up the internals of the body...

but you could try this:

it is a Mini-Z Monster body.

2009.05.05, 10:57 AM
i ve resolt for the body,thanku guys,now i have to learn about modfing...
first of all I m looking to this(attacched) tyres and wheels i didn t find them...pleaze help me!

2009.05.05, 02:35 PM
those are custom made rims from a model kit