View Full Version : problem with RV Project AM 27MHz Micro Fine-Tun Esc Unit

2009.05.05, 10:55 PM
hi i bought the RV Project AM 27MHz Micro Fine-Tun Esc Unit and install it on my MR-02
first the pot and the on/off switch come with it does not work.
than i put new one on
after a month the pot is not working again.
i have other mini-z with kyosho PCB with no problem for two year .
does any one know if it is the RV project PCB keep killing the pot?
i dont want to buy a third pot for this PCB should i get a kyosho PCB?

2009.05.06, 11:50 PM
I have read of members at another site I frequent have had similar and other problems with their RV-esc...the end result was sending it back for replacement a couple different times.

Your best bet for a cheap alternative is to get a working AM board from someone here who's swapped for ASF.;)

2009.05.07, 08:26 AM
i think that is the way to go