View Full Version : MR-02 Front / MA-010 Rear 2WD

2009.05.07, 03:39 AM
Just saw this on Ebay. Thought it was interesting and worth sharing.



2009.05.07, 08:33 AM
Its not just that, its also Xmod Evo battery layout and xmod gen 1 motor placement. This is prolly the ultimate machine since it uses best parts of each RC.

2009.05.07, 09:32 AM
imagine putting the new PN front on it!!

2009.05.07, 10:40 AM
^ That was my thought exactly. 4w A Arm suspension with SAS :eek:

2009.05.07, 11:52 AM
Nice find, definitely an impressive looking chassis, I wonder how much it weighs fully loaded with radio gear, servo, etc..

2009.05.07, 02:00 PM
yeah pn front and sas rear would be preety interesting... i also would like to find out what it weighs i at... is that aluminum an upgrade or does that chassis come without all the aluminum? the plastic, delrin and carbon fiber would definitly be lighter..

2009.05.07, 02:28 PM
Gear ratios are a concern for me. That looks like it needs a custom spur, that's very large and would definitely put extra strain on the diff bearing.

Aside from that it doesn't look too bad, it would certainly let you use double A-arm suspension front and rear for a REALLY impressive-looking chassis.

2009.05.07, 03:23 PM
strain on the diff bearing????? please explain......

2009.05.07, 04:54 PM
That spur is huge. Looks like a piece of

We need some side shots as it looks like he's
hiding something.

41-42t a la the 02...?

It'd basically be rubbing the spur with
compression unless he lifted the whole rear...

I wonder how long the teeth would last... :confused:

Also, how long would the diff last itself?

It wasn't designed to run such a big spur.

I can't see the little nylon wheelnut inside
the K diff holding that spur and surviving the
direct power of the motor, much less being able to
properly adjust your diff...

Just take a look at how sturdy the 02 diff is held


He had to mill abit of the PN rear for it to fit.


With that big of a spur, you'd have to mill
the crap out of it and split the rear plate
to have any hope of running an SAS if at all

Cool idea, but I don't think it'd work. At least not
reliably or without an 02 based diff if it is to be rwd
only with on direct power...

Would love to eat crow and see it in action though. :D


2009.05.07, 05:10 PM
Just take an aftermarket chassis and adopt the symmetrical and centralized design of xmod gen 1 with MA parts(knuckles, shafts, outdrives, etc). I'd borrow the above's battery layout, but nothing else.

2009.05.07, 06:12 PM
Adopting the MA010 drivetrain here is impractical, because of the size of the gears you're forced to put the motor easily 10mm above the top of the wheel line -- way too high even if you compensate by laying the batteries flat on the bottom plate.

2009.05.08, 12:02 AM
This type of car is what the hobby needs if it is competetive to the extent that it would beat a MR-02 heads up. It has its obvious flaws as noted in earlier posts but this transcends a huge gap in technology, and as others have said, with PN making new parts that could really be a boost to this chassis. I don't like everything about it and question the balance and the height of mass on this car. It would help if we got some good photos and maybe a little youtube stint to see how the car performs. Unless Kyosho feels a push from some other manufacturer they will likely only develop upgrades to the present platforms and not offer any new chassis, because their product is dominant in every class.

So we can look at this and say it can be done, maybe refine some more and if weight is close this could be really exciting. Next to come, a dual belt drive 4wd like the dominator type system?

2009.05.08, 01:33 AM
Unless Kyosho feels a push from some other manufacturer they will likely only develop upgrades to the present platforms and not offer any new chassis, because their product is dominant in every class.

Completely agree. It took 10 years for kyosho come out with 2 totally new chassis's (MR-02 and MA-010). That's not great. It would be hard to count how many new chassis's AE, Serpent, X-Ray, etc. have come out with in the same class in the past 10 years.

If it wasn't for competition, we'd still be driving the original gold tub RC10. ;)