View Full Version : What parts are most likely to break?

2009.05.07, 04:05 AM
I am going to the US next week and I will be buying a Mini-Z Monster there as they are a lot cheaper than in Sweden where I live.
Would it be worth while picking up some spare/option parts as well? What is most likely to break?

2009.05.07, 07:46 AM
Definitely the shock towers. They break pretty easily...

2009.05.07, 11:24 AM
get the aluminum knuckles also... 2 degree works reall well for me in the front...

2009.05.07, 12:05 PM
Okay, so does it make sense to get the shock towers in alloy then? The Kyosho once are quite expensive but I found 3Racing have some less expensive once. Does anyone have experience with those?

2009.05.28, 02:44 PM
Just because I got all your nice suggestions on parts breaking I broke the gear box !!!:mad: It broke just where the shock attaches to it. I think that might have been a factory fault because I didn't really do much with it and it broke on the upper part of the screw mount. Hard to prove though so I had to get a spare part for it....
Anybody else that had the same problem?