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2009.05.07, 03:17 PM
is there a proper or recommended way to properly charge your caps, or do they come precharged and only need to be soldered in? From my car stereo experience (which i understand is on a larger scale), the voltage capacitors and to be slowly charged with a a test light connected to the power wire until the light went out. Is this the same for your product also? Do you also have a recommened install or can you supply those instructions?

2009.05.11, 12:40 PM
should they be wired to the battery terminals or to the board where the wires go for the motor?

2009.05.14, 01:32 PM
i have also found that you guys sell 2 different caps... unsure of the part numbers though... the only thing i can tell you is one is smaller which i think is the newer one and one is larger.... but there is one major problem between them... well i guess not major just confusing... the smaller one show the flat part of the cap to be the positive side... the larger one shows the nipple part of the cap to be the positive side... they both look the same just dont know why the polarity would be switched.... unless one should be used on the negeative as a turbo and the other on the power side for added punch?... any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated...