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2009.05.07, 10:41 PM
Hello everyone,

Before I jump to a conclusion, I wanted to get a few other opinions on an issue I ran into. I bought an atomic v2 diff and I put in the 64p spur and bearing. The gear seems to move around a lot, and I think the atomic rings are smaller than the PN d-cut rings.

The spur will work fine when driving forward, but will move when in reverse and will cause the spur to shift backwards. When the gear shifts around the pinion does not have full contact with the spur, and sometimes skips.

I am basically wondering if I am doing anything wrong or if you need to larger d-cut plates so there is no slop.

Thanks for the help in advance :)

2009.05.07, 10:59 PM
I have no issues with my ATM v2 and PN 64p gears... make sure that the bearing is seated properly in the spur...

2009.05.08, 12:43 AM
Thanks EMU, I got the problem figured out.. I had to open up the diff, but the time taken was worth it.

Another question unrelated to the differential:

Anyone have any clues as to why my 02's rear will not return to postition after spring install? I have the PN 94-98 mount (newest version/old version) and I usually ran the DPS post arm at the lowest setting.

I just rebuilt the car with the same setup for the rear end and the DPS disks do not recenter to the previous spot, they stick in one spot no matter what. The whole system is very smooth but there is no after motion on the rear end. This causes my car to stay to the ground after one forward motion. I run PN green lower and red top springs.

Any help is again greatly appreciated

2009.05.08, 01:56 AM
There are afew ways to alleviate this issue.

1) Try cleaning the dampener disk. When installing the disk back, but some shock oil ( I use x-ray 30 weight shock oil ) on both surfaces. This will keep the disk nice and smooth when they are functioning.

2) What roll center are you using for the rear axle ( ball differential ) on your rear 94-98 PN rear LCG pod ??? If you're running the axle all the way to the top ( I believe its number 2 flipped upside down = low roll center ), then your rear suspension isn't going to rebound back as well if you are using the wrong springs for your DPS system. Try using the number 1 rear bearing holders ( neutral position ). This allows you to run the axle (ball diff) in the center position. You're DPS should rebound back regardless of what spring combination you are running on the DPS system if you run the neutral position provided that the disk are oiled and smooth.

3) Change out the rear PN dampener post to the atomic rear post. It's alot longer and this will provide you more adjustability when you're playing with the roll center of the DPS system.

Currently on my set-up i'm using PN red springs on top/bottom on the DPS system, atomic super hard dampener post with a .20mm shim under the post ( lowering the roll center. ), and number 1 (neutral position) for the 94-98 LCG PN rear pod.

Let me know how it goes. Hope this helps.

2009.05.08, 12:55 PM
It may also be that you are using soft or extreme soft T plate. Since they are more flexy the fore-aft rebound action is slower. In this case, you may add a top shock to help with the rebound. The Atomic top shock works well for me.

2009.05.09, 02:50 AM
I now use the 1 not flipped, and raised my dps post arm.... the fore-aft motion is back! Thanks for your time and effort with the post, it really made a difference, and allowed me to learn some new things.

No prob. bro. Anytime :). If you have any questions, hit me up and i'll do my best to awnser it. If I don't know the awnser, i'll get it for ya.