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2009.05.08, 08:16 PM
Wow, our Z board will be contaminated with xmod-specific section now?

Well, here's a project thats actually worth the time and money(moving it from the previous thread):


Our beloved 2.4 treatment. Board is NOT modified in any way, so everything lies in the chassis mods. Most I'll do is apply AWD eventually and buy the better GPM knuckles that can adjust the bearing mesh.

2009.05.08, 08:52 PM
we are a mini-z board however this really encompasses 1/28 scale as the choices have grown, we too must grow with them :)

more importantly, how does it drive?

warning, the music has explicit language in case you have kids around.

2009.05.08, 09:07 PM
Yea ^ ^" , but it really fits IMO. Drives like a 2.4 Z with 2/3 the steering angle, but otherwise very smooth. Put in stage 2 motor because Im not about to reverse brushes/dedicate my good motors to this ghetto blaster and stage 2 gives a pretty good ballpark of the capabilities.

Other than this, you'll see and feel tomorrow @ hfay Arch.

2009.05.08, 09:10 PM
opps, posted reply to wrong subject

2009.05.08, 09:11 PM
if you bring it with you tomorrow, i'd like to see it go around the track. i was always impressed with the jump up in quality an xmods has with a mini-z board. Ken was doing this way back when...

they really do have some good body choices too.

2009.05.08, 09:21 PM
My point is that xmods without better board implants are junk. I only really did this 1 because the upgrade was actually worth the time and I haven't touched my only Evo since I got my AM Z the past Feb(and I really haven't touched them for a year or two prior to that).

So my point is that since I actually race these RCs now, my attitude towards upgrading geared fully towards real performance improvements vs anything else that ultimately does nothing.

Last reason I did this was because I already have 2 decked out Zs and thus solid race cars, so this is just a better quality toy rather than my primary area of focus. Plenty of people choose to deck out Xmods instead of buying Zs to race and I personally think that its the wrong approach.

2009.05.14, 09:15 PM
2-post update w/ plenty of new pix of the adjustable goodies. This weekend I'll make stickers w/ duracell/orion, ko propo, and GPM logos for the front door area.


2009.05.14, 09:18 PM

Work flawlessly and this is probably the only 20$ an xmod REALLY needs besides a good radio.

New edit: FWD is GO! Peels off great, handles great, slapped some sense into the pot again and it stopped swaying gently from side to side as if it were drunk.

Civic is not, by my standards, complete. Pix will follow tomora/sat once I do misc deco work.

Remote future upgrades? Maybe xmod knuckle and diff bearings since MA10s don't fit by .5 mm or so. Maybe GPM alum driveshafts all around(in even I'll use other AWD bodies).

2009.05.16, 02:42 PM
Work flawlessly and this is probably the only 20$ an xmod REALLY needs besides a good radio.

Add front knuckles and shafts and some good quality bearings and you'd be right.
The delrin bearings are a step up from plastic,and a lot less slop with them,but there is still a fair amount of friction.Delrin is self lubricating but they still wear.
I had some with plastic shafts and it did not take long for the bearing and shaft to show signs of wear and slop returning.

Good interesting project though.Great work.

2009.05.16, 08:36 PM
Knuckles were the 20$ I was referring to man. And yea, I'll agree about drivetrain needing alloy, but in due time cuz I didn't even want to spend $20 on this thing as is :P

2009.05.17, 02:45 PM
And its done (no Orion 900s inside because I prefer hybrids for casual days)- FWD, -1.5 toe to compensate for +1.5 the GPM knuckles added somehow and the manufacturer stickers as well as a new version of my own. Last pix is w/ Modifiers '99 coupe.


2009.05.20, 02:04 AM
This project will strive thanks to my boredom:


2009.05.28, 09:12 PM
very cool car, ive been thinking about 2.4ing one myself. I find its tough to get an xmod to go straight on the track with 2wd, awd straightened it right out. Have you put it up against Zs on rcp?

I have the same knuckles, they're great and look good.

It still won't beat this on the street :)


2009.05.28, 10:37 PM
I'll beg to differ- you have WAY too much aluminum and thus horrible weight, no?

As a small update:


2009.05.29, 04:28 PM
awesome video, looks like your car needs some drift tuning and you might need some more time to get used to it. Check that your car isn't tweaked, make sure the rear wheels are even with the front, I had to fix one of my xmods just last night that was tweaked like that(this won't matter if you haven't locked down the rear upper arm that sways, which you may want to try). Your project is coming along great, i was just going to recommend a widebody car and the Z is the best.

the camaro has 7.2 lithium, a V2 board, and a Chili so its really only good for straight line speed, which is why i said on the street, haha, or a really long straight. The car is stupid fast, last time it was videoed the cameraman had trouble keeping up. That's all it does though, go super fast. It sucks so much juice that it goes slow and dies for a minute before the lithiums warm up, haha

2009.05.29, 05:38 PM
I enjoyed the vid also.
Although I see you are still running delrin bushes and stock shafts?This will hamper your power delivery.Too much friction.
Stock shafts tend not to be very true either.
I'm enjoying watching your progress though.I think this is the great thing about xmods,it's actually fun to try and improve them.

2009.05.29, 08:50 PM
I think this is the great thing about xmods,it's actually fun to try and improve them.

I beg to differ here as well- its fun to have a quality RC that doesn't require countless hours on your part just to get some decent base performance. I may scrap this thing in favor of a dedicated MR15 that might be much more fun in a long run and eventually work my way up to getting Ko AM module + AM board for the xmod.

2009.05.30, 03:04 PM
Depends what you want from it.
I spend hours messing about with my xmods,fiddling and then driving my track to see the difference.
My mini'z's are great too,but they get driven,then put away.About the most fiddling I do is swapping bodies.
Like I said,it's all about what you get out of it as an individual.

2009.05.30, 07:53 PM
Right now I have to better my driving and that would be impossible with anything but a fully-tuned MR/MA. When you're in top 5 in any of our official events, then its time to take a breather, but until then I say its all about getting better at driving these.

2009.05.31, 11:45 AM
i've never been able to get a 2wd xmod to be well tuned. Simply by adding awd it solves many problems and makes the car pretty decent. It's difficult because of the lack of available suspension tuning. Once you get to higher levels of mini-z competition its tough to beat people with the same skill with an xmod.

when i added awd to my zmod it tracked dead straight, took corners fast, and turned very consistently, while the 2wd of the same car did none of those.

I don't spend a lot of time tuning my zmod, but i made it into a 94mm widebody 2wd tc, it was a 90mm awd nsx widebody. I'm having trouble getting it to go real straight and its tweaked right now because every time i turn right it will oversteer unpredictably. I locked down the sway as awd, i may take the screws out so the rear end it more free to keep the rear wheels planted.

2009.05.31, 01:18 PM
Oversteering like that may just be an xmod thing. The way the chassis is designed and so forth.


2009.05.31, 01:33 PM
the steering issues are caused by the suspension setup and/or tweaks, you can weed them out. It takes time to tune it, you've only done all this recently. I can't stress enough how much better these run with AWD, an xmod is meant to be AWD.

Here is a list of things i suggest you do to your car if you haven't yet:
-Ball bearings(important)
-aluminum axles(important)
-good tires kyosho 30f 20r
-lowering kit from RS
-awd with gpm adjustable diffs
-CF shaft
-widebody body, lancer, tc...then use wider offset ma010 wheels

it will cost some money to make it run well and you can get it to run VERY well.

you probably saw it, but here's the link to my car:

2009.05.31, 02:08 PM
Thats just the thing though- this thing isn't worth all that money in the first place. I happened to have a spare 2.4 board to play with outside of my race/drift Zs and I didn't mind spending 20$ on the nice knuckles, but any more money is ultimately a waste IMO.

Right now I'd much rather get some more parts for my MA like aluminum/CF front and rear top covers, maybe GPM diffs to try those out, 3r aluminum PCB cover to help balance it out, etc.