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2009.05.09, 01:49 AM
i just bought a new atomic BB stock motor today.and i have to rebuld it cause it will run only if i give my mini-z a push .
i have 3 atomic motor and this is the second motor i bought have the same problem .
does any one have the same thing happen to them?

2009.05.09, 02:12 AM
Did you break it in? Use comm drops?

Try cleaning it with motor spray. Use a blade, and go between each section on the comm, making sure that none are shorting.

2009.05.09, 02:36 AM
I own many Atomic motors: One original Atomic "STOCK" (#AR-30), Atomic AWD-Stock, Atomic "Standard", Z2, 2 Atomic 2009 USA stock motors, 3 Stock-Rs, 2 CHILI's - And all mine run fine. Sure there are things I've had to do to each of them to get & keep them running at their peak. But a motor should not require a "running start".

Definitely take EMU's advice. Also what motor pinion are you running and with what diff spur? Sometimes a real-small spur (6t, maybe a 7t) in combination with bad motor pinion/spur gear mesh can cause the problem you are having.

For the motor: First try to spin the armature with your finger. Atomic motor cans+ brushes put quite a bit of pressure on the armature's comm (Not a bad thing necessarily). So there'll be some resistance on the armature. But make sure the armature is fairly easy to turn with your finger. Then try running the motor itself off a single AAA battery, any kind. See if you notice any binding or excessive resistance (Motor Getting real hot, fast). Could be the armature is too tight inside the motor can, in which case open the can and remove/adjust the armature shims accordingly.

2009.05.09, 11:37 AM
I've never had that problem. I would put some bearing lube in the bearings and break it in. While you have your motor out check your car for any binding by giving it a little push. Should move freely and not come to a immediate stop. When you put your motor back in check your gear mesh. I don't know what else it could be. Maybe to tall gear ratio would explain the need for a Bonneville stlye start.

2009.05.10, 12:46 AM
i did try to break in the motor.
i take the motor apart and put the comm on a lathe and find that the comm is not turning true. it have hight and low .after i rebult it (mechine it to make it run true ).it work fine.
than i guess it might be my luck or my local hobby shop is selling bad motor.

2009.05.10, 11:48 AM
If you can run it out of the car on a battery outside of the car than it must be something in the drive-train that is binding it up like the others have said, maybe gear mesh or pinion/spur gear out of round.

If it doesn't run outside the car on a battery or motor break-in machine than you have a motor problem and the others have the right idea and the com could be shorting on something stuck in the comm sections or the motor isn't aligned properly in the can and it is hanging on something like it isn't spaced properly would be the most likely issues as the others have said. Could even be a hanging brush as I have had that happen to me in other scales where the brush would be hung up and not have enough tension on the com to produce any power until I gave it a push and it would free up the brush until I stopped the motor and then I would go through the same thing with the push start.