View Full Version : AD Band motor with 2.4ghz?

2009.05.09, 11:50 AM
Whats the deal with AD band motors saying they are "specialy matched" for ad band? Wont they function properly with 2.4ghz as well?

2009.05.09, 01:07 PM
Back when the AD Band PCB came out, it was the only Kyosho PCB to feature (in stock form) a 2x2 stack of 3010 FETs. Atomic wound the AD Stock motor a little hotter to take advantage of this fact.

Coincidentally, the ASF 2.4GHz PCB has the same 2x2 stack of 3010 FETs, which means you can run the motor with no problems whatsoever. ;)

2009.05.10, 07:54 PM
hey thanks that makes sense, ok so now that I plan on using this motor, what is the best type of soder to use.....I see things like 'silver bearing ' soder sounds good....60/40 tin? what do you guys suggest?

2009.05.13, 08:56 PM
solder? Why? Also how many turns in this motor?

2009.05.13, 10:18 PM
I wouldn't worry about solder, having a good set of batteries makes a much bigger difference than even silver solder will ever give you. :) Regular rosin-core 60/40 solder is fine.

2009.05.13, 10:39 PM
Skv012a, the PN Speedy AD is 39t. As is the PN Speedy AWD II and AWD III. The AWD II has a little more top end, less torque than the AD. The AWD III has more torque and less top end than the AD. Generally, they are all in the same ballpark.

I used a Speedy AWD II on an MR02 for a modified class, and it had noicably more torque and top end compared to the Speedy 07. The PN AWD motors have the motor wires reversed, I believe the magnets are on the opposite side... but once you sort out the wiring, they work well on the 2wd cars.

I dont know the numbers on the Atomic AD motor... and how it stacks up against the other Atomic or PN motors.

2009.05.17, 06:58 AM
I dont know the numbers on the Atomic AD motor... and how it stacks up against the other Atomic or PN motors.

I've been told the Atomic "AD-Stock" motor is 39t. I have one, and it is pretty beat. I am thinking of having it rewound & the comm trued. Flashsp-2 told me he thinks the Atomic AD is 39t, and I trust his info.:)

The thing about the Atomic AD motor, and all Atomic motors to my knowledge, is the armatures have a smaller area for the windings than PN armatures. This means that a 35-36 turn Atomic armature would have similar wire length used as a PN 33 turn armature.

I'll tell you what though - The Atomic "AD-Stock" is one helluva motor:D SO fast, torque-tuned, punchy as bugger-all!:D A Great motor. Compared to the PN Speedy-AD, IMO the Atomic AD motor wins hands-down in every category. I enjoy my Speedy-AD; It is quite fast but a little tame - Not that this is a bad thing. It just has a completely different feel compared to the Atomic AD.
I was surprised at how fast the Atomic AD motor was when I bought it for my AD MR02. I got my first AD-Band conversion kit in early 2006 and it came with 2x2 3010 Fets. Being that the 3010's are rated @5A continuous, a 2x2 3010 setup is fairly durable.
I am not sure when Atomic released its "AD-Stock" motor for the first time, but back-in-the-day when AM-MR02's were rockin' 3004 Fets the 1st-Generation(?) AD-Band PCB's had a 2x2 3004 Fet layout. Check out ScienceMike's "AD-Band conversion" thread, he has pics of an old AD-PCB. I am not sure if the Atomic AD-Stock appeared during the reign of the 3004 Fets, but if Atomic did release it at that time, the Atomic AD-Stock motor would have been been THE motor to use with AD-Band. This motor has the performance of a motor needing a 2x2 or a 2x3 4562 Fet upgrade.

Right now for the Atomic USA races the Modified classes allow any Atomic motor to be run. If I were to choose one it would be the Atomic AD-Stock, for 2WD + 4WD.:)