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2009.05.11, 04:04 AM
Hope this is in the right place.
This is a vid of our Club West London Mini Racers.
The 1st few mins is Xmods and mini Z the second part with the pipe track is all Mini Z AWD.

The floor is a bit slippy sp it lends it self to Driffting :)

West london Mini Racers highlights (http://tinypic.com/r/31431i8/5)

Its my 1st attempt at one of these Vids and we only had 1 camera.

2010.06.09, 01:55 AM
I saw this video. This video tell about child's toys. It is really good. I think that a Mini E could do a 24 enduro at a place like Indianapolis though. I like racing games.

2010.06.17, 03:27 AM
looks like you guys had a lot of fun... the badminton court looks a bit tight (for badminton that is) but looks like a lot of room for good racing... what are the laptimes like?... over here courts are usually taraflex, a type of rubber i think... depending on the texture, some of them are slippery while some of them offer pretty good traction...

taraflex site (http://taraflexmalaysia.com/?pg=catalogue)

2010.06.23, 05:20 AM
This video is really nice, I saw this video, I thought that people or kids were really like this video.

2010.06.23, 07:24 AM
lol awesome vid, i really liked the mini-z OL that kept spinning out and running into everything. that my kinda driving :D

2010.08.12, 12:36 AM
I like this video ,it is really cool ,I thing every one like this video especially kids .I like this race it like there are lot of room for race.