View Full Version : roperly making stock motor mounting holes

2009.05.11, 11:51 PM
So I just got my motor break-in-machine up and running and was mounting a stock motor with no motor mounting holes on he can so I decided to drill and tap the wholes myself as I have he equipment but the question is where do I drill the motor mounting holes on the can of a mabucchi Motor without screwing up the motor. Any Ideas would be great?

2009.05.12, 12:29 AM
I have seen people drill them in the same spot as they are on the motors that have the holes pre-drilled. You can also open up the motor, so you can clean out the burrs.

Mark the holes using a motormount...

2009.05.12, 08:06 AM
This might help:


2009.05.12, 09:33 PM
Excellent EMU and Millertime. Those ideas will work for me. I appreciate the help