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Dusty Weasle
2009.05.12, 01:36 AM
That's right, Soccer (or Football for you European folk) played with cars as seen on Top Gear. We'll be playing our inaugural match at Mini-AZ on June 20th as a for-fun event before starting the next season of racing.

I've codified the "Laws of the Game" to work for Mini-Z's. It's kept reasonably simple. You can download the PDF of rules and diagrams at:
(Scroll to bottom, right click on the SOCCAR logo and save-as)


2009.05.12, 09:52 AM
This is excellent...we've done some impromptu (and small) matches with monsters, but I've never seen anything this well thought out. I have a feeling the DC GTG will be joining the league at some point. ;)

2009.05.12, 10:38 AM
Please get some video of this... I have to see this event!
I'd hate to have to referee this event, but if the guy knows all the rules and can keep up with all of the action it should be awesome!

2009.05.12, 01:07 PM
THIS is where drifters could dominate of all the other Z chassis/setups. IMO there's no better way to hit a ball than with a tail slide.

2009.05.12, 02:36 PM
I'd hate to have to referee this event, but if the guy knows all the rules and can keep up with all of the action it should be awesome!

I watched the second Top Gear match last night, by coincidence, and it seems like they were a little lax on the contact rules (probably for entertainment value...watching them destroy cars for our enjoyment never gets old). That's not to say there were no penalties, but I wouldn't want to be the guy handing out a yellow (or red) card to a club member because they made an aggressive play on the ball.

THIS is where drifters could dominate of all the other Z chassis/setups. IMO there's no better way to hit a ball than with a tail slide.

Have you ever hit a drift car with a normally shod chassis? You'd end up spinning out of the way with the first contact...unless everyone was on drift tires. :D A happy medium might include a mandatory set of slightly hard tires (say 40 degree Kyoshos) that would reduce impacts and allow for moves like tail slides to occur. That might also skew control in the favor of AWDs, though.

2009.05.12, 05:49 PM
Make 'em 50 degree Kyoshos, that'll make for some fun driving. :)

It would skew things in favor of AWD cars, but in soccer you do not make sudden moves unless you're the goalie or you're tackling, so it should be okay -- just make sure the goalie's an MA010.

Can't wait to see some footage of this event. ;)

Edit: tail slides actually wouldn't be very accurate unless you're a godly driver... it'd be much easier to use one of the older bodies with a squarer front end (read: KPGC GT-R, AE86, FC3S, Integrale, etc.) and just use a little drifting to get into position to score or pass.

Dusty Weasle
2009.05.13, 12:05 AM
This is version 1 of the rules as we've never done this before. Looks nice on paper but I'm not sure how it'll work out in practice. The rule-of-thumb I'll be following is contact is fine as long as its not punting the other car. Like the 'clack' you'd get under normal racing from light contact.

Damage of course will not be permitted. The idea is to make drivers take extra care as they approach each other. Hit the ball, not the car. These things still need to be drivable when the new racing season starts.

It's all written in legalese so I don't have to make rulings on-the-day, but it's actually pretty simple. Unless someone is driving angry I don't expect much Referee activity.

I think we'll be sliding a good bit anyway as the surface will be the concrete shop floor. Extra fun there! I plan to put the Vauxhall body back on my AWD for this. The thing rolls like a ball racing on RCP, but slides beautifully on hard floors.

Multi-club league matches would be awesome. :cool: Way out DC way you've got clubs in travel distance of each other so you could do it. Out here in Phoenix its a loooong way in all directions to the next club. For now we're just going to have to pick teams within the club.

2009.05.13, 10:34 AM
Sounds fair enough. So are you going to tape the rails down, or just mark the out-of bounds? The rules looked like you were going to use RCP, and my first thought was about where we could find that many inside tiles...concrete or carpet surfaces are much more abundant. ;)

Dusty Weasle
2009.05.13, 10:45 PM
We'll leave the rails attached to the tiles and connect them in a ring as per normal, creating a sort of infield space surrounded by the walls (note the outward facing tiles in the map image). The lines will simply be chalked onto the shop floor. Masking tape would probably be fine on carpet.

I originally wanted to use RCP blanks for the field surface. We have a lot, but not quite that many. Sliding on the concrete will probably be more fun/challenging and help keep cars from accelerating hard into each other as an added bonus.

Technically you could use anything for the walls. I just used RCP for the convenience of standard sizes and easy assembly. Chalk/tape boundaries would probably result in many out of bounds, but could be done too.

We'll see how it works out next month. :D

Dusty Weasle
2009.06.21, 10:43 PM

That worked out perfect. It was a small turnout, but we had a great time. Xmods and Mini-Zs slid around the track frantically trying to whack the ball down field and into the goal.

You can see the results at the club site:

The match rules worked out quite well. I just need to make a few small tweaks to tighten up a few spots and close any loopholes for the 2010 edition.

Things to be aware of if your club should try this:
There was plenty of the usual contact, but more head-to-head collisions than a normal race. Nothing bad, but it proved unavoidable. So the new rule will loosen the contact rule to only prevent aggressive collisions (essentially a 'you break it, you park it rule').

Driving on concrete was perfect. It had the right amount of slide for drifting/sliding action, and made collisions much less serious. If this had been on a high grip surface like RCP or carpet, there would have been unavoidable cases of high speed collisions breaking cars.

There was a concern from testing that the AWD motors would become dangerously hot after 45min of revving, but they stayed cooler than a normal race as it turned out.

Because we had no substitutes available (and the overheat concern), we broke the match into four quarters (22min, 23min/22min, 23min). While heat ultimately was not an issue, this is a good alternative with no subs. However with two timeouts per team/per Period, this wouldn't really be an issue. Plus you could allow battery changes after a goal as the clock is stopped (However I'm going to close that rule up in the next edition).

Some pictures are attached below, or you can view the Photobucket album:

Some of these shots are frame grabs from video. Unfortunately my camera somehow got set to low-res, so they are quite small. So the video I shot didn't turn out too well, but hopefully I'll be able to make something out of it to post sometime in the near future.

Dusty Weasle
2009.06.21, 10:45 PM
Here's more pictures.

Oh, and I switched from my ASF AWD car to an AM MR-02 because several goals got past me when I had to wait for reverse!

2009.06.22, 12:46 AM
Awesome... can't wait for the vid!

Heck of a score difference there too, I thought it would be more even but I guess the Underdogs were named that for a reason, right? :D

Great job guys!

Dusty Weasle
2009.06.22, 01:13 AM
Yeah, and it wound up being 3 vs 2 at that! Hood and Joe just killed us. But it was 2 Kyosho vs 1 Kyosho/2 Xmods. (Hood and Joe both broke their Xmods in practice and had to go to backup MR-02s).

I was concerned the one-tile goal width would make scoring too difficult, but it's plenty doable. With a full field of 3-5 cars it'd probably be more even with lower scores. We didn't have a dedicated Goal Keeper for example.

There were many close calls as the ball would just graze along the goal line or bounce off the inner rail just shy of crossing. I have one video in which Joe started celebrating only to realize a moment later the ball had deflected and was still in-play!

We even had one goal where the ball was knocked into the air and sailed over the goal, meanwhile a couple others crossed the wall first making them out-of-bounds instead.

An interesting strategy developed where opposing cars got pinned against the wall blocking the ball from getting away. Teammates would run up and bump the car causing a kinetic ping that would pop the ball up and over the other cars and back into play. :D

This was really great fun and I look forward to next year's match. (But next up this year is "The Great Caravan Rally", then our new local race season begins).

Dusty Weasle
2009.08.29, 03:40 AM
Here it is at long last- video of SOCCAR World Cup 2009!

I had a videographer friend edit the video this time. He did a pretty good job cutting together what little I was able to shoot. Remember, the camera was inadvertently set to low-res.

Enjoy :D


2009.08.29, 05:28 PM
Man that is so cool. The videography was reall cool as well. I bet you could design a bumber that would help handle the ball a little better. Maybe out of foam, like a half oval so you could run the ball with out it getting away so easy. You could probably use some RCP scraps if you had some. Anyway just a thought. I definately enjoyed it just as is!


2009.12.11, 01:35 AM

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2009.12.11, 04:34 AM
That videos awesome! Loved the last goal! :D Thanks for sharing! I'd love to give this a bash at SMZR.

Dusty Weasle
2009.12.16, 11:31 PM
Thanks, it was great fun.

I updated the regs for the 2010 SOCCAR World Cup on our website:
(Scroll to bottom of page)

The Results page now has a direct Gallery link as well:

This year I've changed the format to three shorter matches with possible overtime and sudden death as a tie breaker for the finale. The single 90min match from 2009 worked out great, I just wanted to break it up into multiple matches (still totaling 90min) and maybe prevent a runaway score.

We had a blast doing this last time. Any clubs that would like to try it, please post the results and pictures! You can read my recommendations/cautions that we learned from running our first match back on post #10:

Have fun! :D

2009.12.17, 06:25 AM
Lol that's good! Bri mentioned giving it a go at our club one day. If we do, I'll make a video too! :)