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2009.05.14, 08:57 AM
i am relatively new to mini z racing and my damper does not center properly it is shifted to the back. and also i am wondering which spring setup to use


Gold Hard
Blue Medium
Green soft

Lastly i am wondering if low friction discs are worth it?

I started this thread because i am sure that i will have many more questions about dampers

2009.05.14, 01:51 PM
start off with green/green and 1000wt silicone oil. make sure you sand the damper plate and the disc with 2000 grit sandpaper on a flat surface.

2009.05.14, 10:32 PM
thanks and do u have any advice on the damper not centered when neutral? i can post a pic if u want to better explain it

2009.05.14, 10:59 PM
It's likely that you've got the damper plate mounted on the wrong set of holes; normally things should line up. Got a pic of your rear end? :)

2009.05.15, 08:54 AM
Here are the pics of my rear end

2009.05.15, 08:55 AM
about the holes i have it mounted in the 94mm holes and same with the motor mount so that is not the problem.

2009.05.15, 09:19 AM
You may have sourced your problem...the triangle shaped T-plate mount on the chassis is normally used for RM t-plates and not MM t-plates. You should have a piece that is just the retangular plastic piece with the t-plate holes somewhere. The trinalge damper spacer is inhibiting flex of your t-plate which at the MM size would be benificial to have.

In the grand scheme of things it's not all that bad to have the damper disks off center like you've shown but try switching t-plate spacers (if you don't have just a rectangular spacer you could trim the trinagle plastic bit off) to allow for the t-plate to sit flat....that might free up the damper position.

2009.05.15, 01:08 PM
Cowboysir is correct. The triangle t-plate spacer is for RM, which uses longer t-plates. You want to use the rectangular MM one, or cut off the triangle on the RM one. After removing/changing that should solve your problem.

2009.05.15, 01:54 PM
Z: Definitely cut that triangle piece off or you can get PN's new T-plate mount. If you don't want to cut that, I'll give you one of my stock MM once. Just swing by the shop.

If you are running soft H-plates, run hard spring bottom and soft spring top. This is what we use at the track and it seems to work well. Also use a little bit of dampening oil. I use 25 or 30 wt.

Oh yeah, polish the damper plate (don't go crazy with it but just polish down the uneven surface on the plate). As Marcus mentioned, polished the disc as well. You can use 1500 grit also.

2009.05.15, 06:59 PM
Thank you so much guys this was a huge help