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ocean rodeo
2009.05.14, 09:48 PM
I just bought a set of cf sideplates, do you use the rear spacers that go between the plate and the motor pod when using a PN/Atomic mount.
Thank you.

2009.05.15, 06:53 AM
I don't. I don't believe they are necessary.

2009.05.15, 11:39 AM
if you dont use them the rear of the car sits high, i would use them, CG makes a pretty big difference!

2009.05.15, 12:05 PM
Ive tried with, and without. Keep them in.

ocean rodeo
2009.05.15, 12:48 PM
Thanks guys.:)

2009.05.16, 11:58 PM
Ive tried with, and without. Keep them in.

I'm using Kyosho CF side plates with PN motor mount. The spacers that came with the Kyosho parts seemed more like adapters for use with the stock motor mount. I didn't think they were needed for the PN motor mount. Your saying the spacers or adapters that come with the Kyosho CF side plates should be used with PN motor mount. :eek: I have mine shimmed but I left out the spacers/adapters. They didn't seem to belong. Please clarify. Thanks


2009.05.17, 03:16 AM
Without the adapters, the chassis is raised a little more. For small tracks, this may be a little beneficial, as you get a little more steering since there is more forward weight bias, although on large tracks, the rear doesnt want to stay in place.

I took mine off my PN motormount when I was trying to rig a disc damper and ran the car... it was pretty loose, and the front bumper dragged on the track more due to the added rake of the chassis.

Try running with the adapters, and see if it makes the car handle better. The one thing that running without the adapters helps with, is rubbing the battery clip on the track :p

ocean rodeo
2009.05.17, 08:10 PM
Well it took me about a day of testing and tuning my F1 and I got to say it was really trying. Now the car handles great and I am very happy with the out come. Those spacers made a world of difference along with the shims to the motor mount. I also needed to shim the front suspension along with the rear diff. I added red side springs and i am using the yellow spring on the F1 shock. I only need to go to 30's in the front because there is a lit too much front traction. I am going to order some fron springs and maybe so 2 degree knuckles and see how that works out. Overall I am pleased.

2009.05.17, 08:18 PM
Go with the Kyosho knuckles and Kyosho springs. I have used other springs with the Kyosho knuckles, and they caused binding or were uneven length which made the car handle poorly.

Glad you worked out a lot of your problems. It is a headache to get it setup right the first time, but once you figure things out, it is a great car to drive. The night before the KO race, I wanted to drop the class. I just couldnt get my F1 to handle right. That night I rebuilt the diff, changed the tie rod, bearings and switched the body to my 3CGrafx painted McLaren... the car was perfect when I put it down on the track. I finished third, in a field of 13 cars, with open wheel cars it was way too many... Joe Chen showed his abilities in traffic, and got the win. I consistantly posted the fast lap of each session though, and finished on the lead lap...

I am looking forward to running F1 more. Seems like I only get to run it at big races now :(

2009.05.17, 11:27 PM
Checked my extra parts and installed the spacers. I don't know why I didn't install them the first time. They are clearly spacers but some reason I thought it didn't need to be there. :o I will run it tomorrow and check the difference. This forum has been a wealth of information. I'm glad its here.

2009.07.09, 01:57 PM
Yup. Use the spacers. Plants the rear end. I know Cristian ran without the spacers which makes the car rotate much more.

EMU and Layman were definitely fast at the KOGP. Both about 0.1s quicker than me, but I got lucky with traffic and held for the win. :D