View Full Version : Side damper Qs

2009.05.15, 10:11 PM

Just took delivery of the side damper system. Nice work on the quick shipping and kind method of delivery (i.e. customs paperwork).

2 quick questions:

1) from instructions posted on your site: "For high grip tracks, we suggest to start with 15000 wt, (what is provided on the shock) bumpy tracks and lower grip, something in the 5000-7000 wt should be adequate for a starting point."

What are you using; shock oil? how about Kyosho diff gear grease? I have lots of it since that was what I was using for the ATM SAS when I was running it.

2) What setting would you use as a base for the motor mount with the side damper? i.e. settings for axle?

Thanks in advance and again, congrats on the excellent customer service thus far.

2009.05.19, 01:47 AM
Kyosho Gear grease is actually perfect. My personal favorite!

As for the axle settings, I usually use the 2nd lowest (providing more ride height) setting. It should be a nice starting point when using SSG's or K20 Rear Radials.