View Full Version : Idea's For Securing The KO Module With PN Adapter To 3PKS??

2009.05.17, 03:38 PM
OK so i FINALLY found myself a PN adapter and already have my 3PK and a KO module. After installing everything i was actually kinda disapointed with the way everything lined up. Basically with the PN adapter the KO module is barely held into place and there is ALOT OF PLAY. Id like to get a few idea's from you guys on securing everything down BUT while at the same time have a CLEAN install and have something i can remove easily back and forth. Here are some pics to show you guys what im talking about.

The PN adapter sits TOO LOW on the 3PKS so when you install the KO module it can't sit flush with the radio.


Even with JUST THE ADAPTER IN PLACE there is a huge amount of play and the adapter pretty much just giggles around in there. :rolleyes:

When you install the KO on top of it things get even worst. Look at the way it sits on the radio.


With just the slightest pressure, look how easily things fall apart.


And finally i flipped the radio upside down and well, as you can see everything is barelying hanging on for dear life


Any ideas??

2009.05.17, 06:53 PM
i may have to take some pics of mine to show. but what i did was take the 2.4 out of its case. i then mounted it to the adapter and added a piece of electrical tape around both to secure them together. i then took the 3pk module cover and put it over the adapter and 2.4 once it was plugged into the radio. i then took the bottom of the 2.4 case and mounted it on top of the module cover. you have to make the holes for the led, bind button and antena but it works great for me. if you'd like pics let me know

2009.05.17, 07:12 PM
If I'm viewing your pics correctly, there is a huge gap/space under the KO adapter and then the TX module just sits on top of that board that's plugged into the TX.

My suggestion is to find material to fill the void under the KO adapter board so it sits flush/firmly on the radio. You then just need to mount your TX module and use a couple of rubber bands to hold it on the adapter.

Hope that works for you.;)

2009.05.17, 08:16 PM
chad check you PM

ocean rodeo
2009.05.19, 03:48 PM