View Full Version : Best radio for mini-z 2.4ghz

Pedro silva
2009.05.17, 04:28 PM

I need opinions:

wish is the best radio for the mini-z 2.4ghz??

(Sanwa , Ko Propo , Futaba)

advantages and disadvantages of the 3 brands above??

Thanks in Advance.
Best Regards.
Pedro Silva

2009.05.17, 05:58 PM
KO radios work without needing an adapter. I prefer the EX-10 Helios.

2009.05.17, 06:04 PM
I like stock myself, but almost any upgrade will be pretty nice. I got ooold Mars and I'm perfectly happy with it.

2009.05.17, 07:19 PM
depends on what you like....
they all have similiar features it comes down to the size of your hands and how you hold the TX.

The new KO UR-1 is the smallest and is easy to handle. It has the ability to go into super high response modes. You can adjust the throw of the steering wheel. 30 model memory. I personally have this TX and I really like it.

Pedro silva
2009.05.18, 08:08 AM

Thanks for all replys.

best regards.
Pedro Silva