View Full Version : Fast as a stock nitro?

2009.05.19, 03:39 AM

Was looking at rebuilding my nitro engine as it's covered in gunk but also saw my broken mini-z monster and wondered if I could get it as fast/faster with enough mods?

Talking lith batteries, stacked fets, upgraded cables, bigger motor, aluminium parts, etc..

Anyone know if this could happen or am I just dreaming? lol

HPI RS4 Evo+
Thunder Tiger DT10

2009.05.28, 02:51 PM
Atomicmods have some cool upgrades that can make it go pretty fast. Take a look at this Video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3Ow4EZuSQY) it might be good for a start.

2009.06.07, 05:21 PM
Idk if you would be able to get it as fast as a stock nitro unless you make cusotm spurs and pinions. Im pretty sure the atomicbuilt monster does mid to high twenties.

A stock nitro truck will normally do anywere from mid 30's to low 40's, also depending on how well your engine is tuned

2009.06.10, 09:59 AM
before I rip mine apart, does anyone know if the stock monster board can be replaced with an MR-02 board ?

2009.06.10, 10:28 AM
Yes you can,tho the xtal holder is on the other side of the pcb on an 02 compared to the MZM/OL pcb,so would have to be fitted upside down compared to the 02.Other than that the pot/servo motor wires will need making longer too.You'd be better off getting your MZM board fetted tbh.

2009.06.10, 11:00 AM
thanks - sounds like it's alot less work just having the board fetted.

2009.06.10, 11:30 AM
Definately,if you get a decent stack done,you should be able to use pretty much any motor,i ran a chili in my last mzm.