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2009.05.19, 07:10 PM
i am currently running stock knuckles on my mr 02 and i am looking to get new ones and am stumped on which ones to get. I dont notice my tires wearing weird but i may not know what flat wearing look like. also my suspension even with stainless kingpins seems to be sticking and or grinding in other words it is not smooth.

2009.05.19, 07:21 PM
I heard that 1 degree does a decent job on helping tired wear evenly, but I only have 0s on my MR so I cant really say anything first hand.

2009.05.19, 08:41 PM
1deg front camber will be a good starting point for the vast majority of MR-02's.

The newest batches of PN, Atomic, and 3racing Alu/Delrin knuckles are all excellent, and they last pretty much forever if you don't damage them so it's a worthwhile investment. ;)

2009.05.19, 09:08 PM
You forgot to include Kyosho... :p

I just got a set of the new ATM vIII knuckles to try. I like 1.5-2d for larger tracks, and .5-1d for small tracks.

2009.05.19, 09:59 PM
any ideas on why my suspension is feeling sticky? when i push it down it catches even tho i have stainless kingpins

2009.05.19, 10:36 PM
I put some stainless kinkpins in and they stuck a little on the dry fit, took them out and polished them with a dremel tool and some extra-fine polish and they worked fine. Just an idea.

2009.05.19, 10:40 PM
I use PN 2d knuckles. Tire wear is almost even. 0.5d caster bar would probably make it perfect, but I'm not messing with it. It works good now. As far as sticking goes you might want to polish the king pins. I use Mothers Alum. Polish. Makes everything shiny and smooth. After that I usually put the king pins inside the knuckles while still on the dremel and at low speed push the king pin in and out of the knuckles a few times. The kingpin must be in the dremel perfectly straight or you run the risk of wallowing out the inside of your knuckle. I also use Kyosho King Pin Oil every third run. Kinda pricey but works good.

2009.05.19, 10:58 PM
any ideas on why my suspension is feeling sticky? when i push it down it catches even tho i have stainless kingpins

I heard and now felt how PN knuckles feel too tight on the pins, so use dremel to carefully wear them down.

2009.05.19, 11:25 PM
ok so i am thinking of atomic version III Knuckles and they have delrin inserts. i am going to get those and then see if my suspension sticks and after that if it still sticks i will use polish and run it inside the knuckle like you guys said. After i get knuckles my car will be pretty much set but a few people have said that if you want your car to track straight you should get a billet aluminum tie rod. if these are even worth it which degree is the best.

2009.05.19, 11:35 PM
I mainly use plastic tie rods. The only alloy tie rods that I use are for the F1 and Reflex Wide Track Front end on my MR02.

I am going to be installing my vIII knuckles this weekend... Maybe tonight, I will see if I have time.

2009.05.20, 09:07 AM
Speaking of the reflex wide track front is it worth it? i run the NSX with +2 front and rear but i am thinking of switching to the lexus sc430 because it is lighter and narrower and then i would get the narrow front tie bar set instead of the WTF.

2009.05.20, 08:51 PM
The Reflex WTF works good. If your running the Lexus, i wouldnt get the WTF. To me its more suited to the wider off-set bodies.;)

2009.05.20, 11:07 PM
If you ask me, 3racing knuckles are the way to go. They seem to be the best balance between stiction and slop, and cost like half as much as other brands. You can get them off reflex ;)

2009.05.22, 08:27 AM
Ok i will check all those out. does anyone know if that PN alternative to the wide track front is any good. it is like called the narrow tie bar set or somethin i forget.

2009.06.05, 08:09 AM
I heard and now felt how PN knuckles feel too tight on the pins, so use dremel to carefully wear them down.

well i actually just did buy a set of Pn 1deg and they were too tight on the knuckles so i had to dremel them down....

2009.06.05, 12:40 PM
for what its worth i will never buy anothet set of alum. knuckels. i have never bought a set that were even close to the stated degree. plus of the set i do have the delrin inserts wear out and no one sells replacements. granted i have only used pn, not sure of the others. i also bought the atomic plastic knuckels and they break way to easy. i currently use the 3 racing plastic knuckels with good results so far.

2009.06.05, 06:06 PM
thanks for the info