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2009.05.19, 09:20 PM
well, arch2b raceway is reborn! after at least 3 years of club racing outside my house (after at least 3 years of club racing in my house) i decided to get back into racing at home with the family. the release of the dnano was a huge influence in the decision as it allows us to race on our RCP Mini-96 with expansion kit track without feeling cramped and the clear floor space is much less than it was previously (3 RCP Wide L's).

previous space... i am now left with the smaller space to the right of this larger open play room.

i told the kids that if they were to appreciate my purchase of the track, they would be responsible for putting it together. it took a couple hours but they did a very good job of it.


here is the mini-96


Official ARCH2B Raceway Results

Track Layout
Mini-Z HFAY Class - 5 Minutes
- Most Laps: 42
- Best Lap: 6.22 seconds

Mini-Z Stock Class - 5 Minutes
- Most Laps: 42
- Best Lap: 6.34 seconds

- Most Laps:
- Best Lap:

Brandon (9 years old)
- Most Laps: 21
- Best Lap: 6.98 seconds

Michael (4 years old)
- Most Laps: 6
- Best Lap: 41.91

dNaNo Stock Class - 5 Minutes
- Most Laps:
- Best Lap:

- Most Laps:
- Best Lap:

Brandon (9 years old)
- Most Laps:
- Best Lap:

Michael (4 years old)
- Most Laps:
- Best Lap:

2009.05.19, 10:28 PM
Good clean family fun! Cool man.

2009.05.19, 11:05 PM
Humps are great- we should do that @ our club events.

2009.05.19, 11:13 PM
Nice to see a track back at your house. Brandon put a pretty good run together.

You should try hooking up with EZtuner and Cherub1m in the mini-96 World ChampionShip ;)

2009.05.20, 10:41 AM
look like fun but i can't get any bigger with the layout than what i have which is not the full expansion pack.

2009.05.20, 10:45 AM
Seeing the old track reminds of me of simpler times when we didn't have to deal with Hobbyworks, haha.

Man Brandon's fast lap is impressive. Future world champion in the ranks. You should check out the BBC's Billion Dollar man documentary on Lewis Hamilton. Really interesting since he started in RC at a very young age.

2009.05.20, 12:55 PM
if i had the large play room to work with, i'd have club races again. :) that room was seized the day i took my track up and unlikely i'd get it back. there's and air hockey table, tricycles, big bouncy balls, bins of cars, gi joes, and all thier toys that cluttered up thier bedroom which now has a large table and thier computers up there. you never really realize how much junk you have till it's all in one room.:p

brandon's got potential if he can focus on something for more than 5 minutes. trouble is, he just bounces between things all the time. watching tv, bouncing balls off the wall, riding his scooter around, etc.

i'm trying really hard to get an extra lap in but it's tuff. i'd have to be do the full time with no accidents which is tuff on a mini-96 with bumps, banked turns.

michael is getting his times down or at least more consistent which is more important.

2009.05.23, 03:16 PM
i changed my line a bit and managed to finally break 40 laps! even shaved .16 seconds from my previous best lap!

2009.05.24, 10:49 PM
i rebuilt my hfay car today and needed to tweak the ball diff back to my liking and what better venue than my practice track! as you can see, my fastest lap was much better than my stock time but the lap count was the same. chalk this up to the asf reverse delay:rolleyes:

what i did was start with an obvious loose diff and continue to run 5 minute heats until i got the results i was looking for. as i tightened the diff, my lap times improved to the point where i saw diminishing returns. at that point i loosed the diff back 1/32" or so and i feel comfortable with that. this might all change once i get my hfay car back to a hfay track. it's admittedly too fast for the mini-96.

2009.06.03, 07:25 PM
i bought and added the mini-96 wide inside turn kit to my track tonight. i could only use 2 of the 3 turn kits but they look great!

2009.06.14, 02:46 PM
here is a video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sphxp160NcQ) of some practice laps from this morning.

2009.06.14, 08:40 PM
i finally got some time to lay down some laps with my stock dnano, you can see the video HERE (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-ps1QEBGAA).

after getting some advice from miles, i tried putting a bump in the track and per his advice, careful placement in relation to the tile seems provided a nice size bump with little interference, if any. you can see some brief video HERE (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwWXwqnhLAQ).

to review the dnano performance in general, the stock tires are not sticky enough. you can get around at less than half throttle ok but any faster and the push is enough to keep you from staying on track.

there was little to no evidence of tile bump while driving. the bump in the track did more to throw off the line than any miniscule track gaps at seems.

i am eagerly awaiting getting some of the pn racing dnano tires to test on this and my rcp track.

2009.06.14, 08:40 PM
i also got some time to run my stock mini-z on the track as well. i always like using bumps in tracks as in real life, very few if any tracks are flat.

HERE (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grxfa1RK5Bw) is some video i took today.

as previously mentioned, the stock mini-z with 3o rear, 20 front handles very similar to an rcp track with just a hint of added push. overall, the combination works very well.

i also ran the stock mini-z on the track with the cardboard tubes used to bank the turns as miles suggested and the transitions were very smooth. it was actually much more tricky for me to adjust my line to take advantage of the super elevation (banking of a turn as described in highway construction terms). you can see the video HERE (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZlguU86tVs). it did make the high speed cornering a bit easier to manage however you have to pay more attention to coming out of the turn at higher speed.

2009.07.03, 05:14 PM
i've been track testing my dnano with some new wheels today;) i've been fortunate enough to be able to obtain the new aluma-tech stock dnano wheels which are a direct replacement for the stock racing wheels in the correct offsets for my skyline.



now, before everyone points out the obvious, yes, the front wheels are smaller than the stock wheels. this is an optional muscle car look if you will that gives the car a bit forward stance while still providing adequate clearance. i'll have the full size front wheels on shortly.

now, i don't have a highly accurate digital scale so i did not take any before of after measurements but i can see/feel the difference in weight on the track. i personally believe the dnano could benefit from some extra weight.

it's hard to put this into an intelligent formulation however my skyline now handles differently and slightly worse WHICH is a good thing and i'll explain why.

before, it was hard for me to discern exactly where and why my dnano was not driving the way i am accustomed to with my mini-z. i personally found the lack of weight and the intense speed to complicate trouble shooting the setup. any slight bump had the potential to knock my car off track. now that the car has even a tad more weight, the traction has picked up and steering is now very sharp. while all the track surface variations do not necessarily alter the cars path as much, i notice much more chatter and hop while driving and cornering.
in my opinion, in a sense, the car is making it much easier for me to understand where the trouble spots are. it's now handling much more like a mini-z which i am very familiar with which gives me some direction to go in selecting hop ups in order to improve suspension. i'll be putting together an order from some tires and h plates first. these have always been the starting points of my mini-z setups.

overall, while the car has some issues, i feel much more comfortable in working through them.



2009.07.06, 01:19 PM
i just got my regular size stock front wheels in the mail today so for those that are not into the forward muscle car stance, you also have the full size options.



2009.12.26, 11:08 PM
as an x-mas gift to the kids and myself i bought new shells for all the family cars. we upgraded from nissan skyline gt-r r34's to aston martin dbr9's.

2009.12.28, 04:11 AM
looks like a pretty cool upgrade... a family of dbr's.... :D
how do they run compared to the gtr's?

2009.12.28, 08:25 AM
Awesome track ray.