View Full Version : RealTracks 24" wide Mini-Z Track Update

2009.05.19, 10:20 PM
This is a repost from the vendor forum

After several delays and changes the 24" wide MiniZ and dNaNo tracks are ready. The pictures are the first pre-production units used to verify the tooling and fixtures. The 16" wide track is shown for comparison. After a few tweaks we should be rolling by Monday and have the first TrackPacks shipped by Wednesday. We still like the Epochs better on the 16" track, but if you have the room the 24" wide track lets you use more of the dNaNoís performance, and of course the Mini Zís perform equally well on the wide track. We think the new 1/32nd HPI will be perfect for the wide track and canít wait to get our hands on them. All of the 24" wide track sections have the guardrail lugs. Those that have not pre-ordered by email will be able to order Track Packs online by Wednesday. We usually ship within 24 hours but we may be slightly behind on the 24" track for a few weeks.

Thanks for your Patience