View Full Version : Hey guys, comin up to NYC tomorrow for a few days

2009.05.20, 12:59 PM
Anyone got a tarck at home or any of the clubs have racedays during the week that wouldnt mind having me? Its one of the few times ill go up there, so id love to meet some of you guys and see how you kick it in NYC.

2009.05.20, 01:17 PM
Action RC is open for cash racing on Thursdays... NYRC should be open for practice on Thursday as well. Action is closed this weekend, but NYRC will be open.

I dont know the schedule for MHS though.

I am racing Saturday at NYRC.

here are the websites, so you can get directions...


2009.05.20, 01:22 PM
MHS is racing tomorrow, we start at 8PM.

give the shop a call if you need more info.


2009.05.20, 01:58 PM
My name is Al, and I am the owner of Action RC Mini Speedway. As you can see, the NYC area is loaded with the best Mini-Z racers and tracks around. At ARC we normally race Tuesday and Thursday from 7-10, and Saturday from 3-11. This Saturday, we will be closed for Memorial Day weekend, which is a notoriously slow weekend for indoor tracks. (Sure, we'd have some racers, but it's not worth messing up the points series, and better to take a break on a quiet day than a busy one.)

Are you bringing your own car? If not, I have some you can use.

See you soon, hopefully! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly: info@actionRCspeedway.com

Enjoy your stay in NYC!


2009.05.20, 02:05 PM

Last night we had 21 entries with intense competition in all A,B,C Mains. We have all levels of competition from Factory team drivers to club racers to beginners. Depending on which track is closest to you; you'll have a good time at any of the tracks in NYC area. Please note we are not opened on Thurs but the other tracks are. We are open this Saturday from 2pm -- past midnight.


2009.06.22, 02:15 PM
track war uh oh jk