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2009.05.22, 08:52 AM
Hi, I have an AM band MR-02RM, pretty much stock (bought 2nd hand off ebay), but I've found that the turning circle is really poor... even worse than my old XMod!!
Any ideas?


2009.05.22, 11:29 AM
turning circle isnt everything;)
what front tyres does it have?

2009.05.22, 11:40 AM
I'm not actually too sure... think they're just Kyosho stock tyres...
I'm getting a few atomic tyres tomorrow, will try those and see if it makes any difference but so far been a little disappointed with it... it's miles away from my AWD which turns too much and swap tails!

2009.05.22, 11:41 AM
stock radio?

2009.05.22, 11:50 AM
Does the tie rod/servo piece that connects to tie rod able to move left/right all the way? If not, you may just need to clean your servo assembly. Otherwise, what surface are you running on? The more slippery, the softer tires you'd need on higher speeds else it would indeed appear to have a worse radius.

2009.05.22, 11:58 AM
All stock at the moment. Running on a laminate floor, my AWD doesn't have any issues with it... getting some 10 deg rears and 20 deg fronts tomorrow, will see how that works out...

2009.05.22, 01:49 PM
also check the front knuckles run smooth on the king pins

2009.05.22, 02:31 PM
All stock at the moment. Running on a laminate floor

If that includes stock tyres then I think thats your answer.
Like you said,you are getting better tyres,but in all honesty laminate floors are not very good with mini z tyres.
Kyosho MT tyres are better as the deep tread helps disperse the dust a little better.
These are MT tyres on my mr01.Quite driveable on laminate.


The best tyres I have found so far for laminate floor is soft treaded Xmod tyres.So I tend to use xmods around the house more,and save the mini z's for my track.

2009.05.22, 11:38 PM
If using stock transmitter check your sensitivity . It should be at least at the 3 o'clock position.